The 3 Men At Work Who Rock my World

December 8th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Excellent Service Awards

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Here’s my top three list of men at work who rock my world. These guys wouldn’t make most ladies’ list but they are definitely fantastic at what they do and they make my life enjoyable, fun and even exciting at times. I’ll even let you know where they work and what they do. Share the wealth is my motto.

Kostas Poularakis – Bookkeeper Extraordinaire!

You can find Kostas behind a desk at Taxmiser’s at Keele & Wilson on the second floor. I can’t even start to tell you how good he is. He’s smart and funny and he can even keep my books straight. He knows how properties work, he knows what LMR means and he can reconcile a rent roll, bank statement, Interac deposits and EVERYTHING. He’s also a payroll specialist.

Every month we used to spend 4 hours together now he never sees me anymore. This is because this month there were no discrepancies. He’s also very reasonably priced. Life without Kostas would be pure hell because I would have to spend hours of my life that I would never get back figuring this crap out and answering auditor’s questions. Last two months the auditor had zero questions – He’s that good.

I met with his boss, I told him that he should expand his business to include more buildings. He said that he had actually just hired more staff and was willing to add more property clients. So if you’ve been looking for a wickedly excellent accountant/bookkeeper give Taxmiser’s a shout.

Tim Baker – Trademark Lawyer

Tim’s the only guy in the universe that can make me laugh about the trademark issue going on with this blog and my business name. You can get a hold of him at Smugler’s LLP – Trademarks Canada. Without Tim on my side I’d spend my days too angry to work.His prices are as reasonable as a lawyer’s can get and I can get a hold of him on the phone reasonably well. All round good guy although I’ve heard he has an strange obsession with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. (That’s got to be better than being a Leaf’s fan)

Good guy, nice guy who gets how upsetting this trademark’s stuff is to people trying to make an honest living.

Seriously, the other day I noticed that REIN actually trademarked the phrase “Landlording Secrets” for their new property management package. (On sale for only $500 or so)They are such a bunch of scammers. Landlording is a term first coined by the author Leigh Robinson the author of a bestselling book that’s been a bestseller for years in the US and in it’s 11th edition. These people will trademark anything that isn’t nailed down.


Jeff Shabes – Paralegal

Without Jeff, I’d be stuck at the Landlord & Tenant Board all the time. Then I’d be really cranky. He also worked as a property manager for years so he has lots of great advice. No woman is an island. You can hire Jeff for lots of things, he does consultations, he can look over your lease, he’s just good and he’s been doing this stuff for years. He’s so wickedly Awesome that I gave him his own page on this site. Jeff Shabes – Paralegal rocks my world.

Do you have any recommendations for other landlords? Someone good who does great work at a reasonable price? Chime in!


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  • Ron

    You do realize that’s how trademarks work? If you have a name, symbol or anything identifying mark relating to a business you own, trademark it.

    It’s like saying “How dare Apple Computers trade mark the word apple!”. They did it because it is prudent business practice and what the trademark system was created for. I thought you would have learned this through your legal process.

    • Rachelle

      Actually that is not how trademarks work. The book in question that was copied was in print when Don Campbell was in diapers. The whole idea of trademarks and how they work is the following… you have an original idea, you make the name famous, then you trademark it in that order.

      The way REIN does it is, hey there’s a cool name, let’s copy it and trademark it and steal their intellectual property before they realize it. This is just one more reason why they are scumbags. This book is copyright protected and this author is in the United States.

      This is very similar to what was done to me. Did I mention that Patrick Francey the VP of REIN is one of the principals involved in Landlord Rescue Edmonton. Unfortunately for them there is that tricky little requirement to make the name famous before using it.

      If you don’t understand the difference between patent trolls and people who legitimately patent their inventions, I can’t help you.

      Furthermore I have no problem with Apple Computer trademarking the word Apple for their brand this is a legitimate, fair use of trademarks. No one was using the word Apple in reference to computers 20 years before Apple trademarked it for their own use. They made the name Apple mean something to computer users and it’s one of the strongest and most distinctive brands and one of the easier trademarks to defend because it is original, it was made famous, it is continuously in use and it’s protected.

      I think I’ll go email the author of that bestselling and famous book and let him know that some scumbags are copying him. I’m sure he and John T Reed his friend will be amused.

      • Ron

        Example would be iPhone, BBX and the list continues where are larger company with a new product uses a name that has been in use by other smaller companies.

        For better or worse patent trolls are using the system as designed. That is why people are campaigning to change the patent system.

        It is naive to trademark your brand AFTER you make it famous. It opens you up to all kinds of liability. If someone were to register the trademark from underneath you, best case would be a large legal bill. Worst case would be your claim to the trademark would be invalid.

        You seem to have an idea on how things _should_ work and not how they actually operate.

        That book is trademarked in the US, and I assume “Landlording Secrets” is trademarked in Canada. So this whole point is a red herring. That is ignoring the fact that it is perfectly legal to trademark “Landlording Secrets” if there is a trademark on “Landlording”.

        • Rachelle

          It’s not naive, it’s actually the way the law is written. Unfortunately for the “new” Landlord Rescue.

          Let me point out that a tradename is given almost equal protection under the law. Let’s assume that I had trademarked the name prior to Mr Hope. Once he started using it…I would again be left with a large legal bill.
          Trademark law is mostly for large corporations with huge wallets.

          Say what you will about Apple prior to the iPhone they had created the iPod, the iMac and other i products. Cisco (Not a small company) had stopped selling the phone in 2000, and essentially lost their right to the trademark.;siu-container They did stick the iPhone sticker on a new product shortly before filing a lawsuit in Federal court.

          A mark must be in continuous use to continue to be valid.

          Most of these cases get settled with large amounts of money, after paying the lawyer lots of money. I doubt Mr Hope has enough money to buy the Landlord Rescue name. It’s not for sale to Mr. Hope or any of his ilk it’s mine.