5 Ways Renovations Are Like Christmas

December 19th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Personal House

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Today’s project at my house, involved putting a hole in the guest bedroom wall a few days before my mother in law rolls into town. Next, I had to find the pipes that led to the laundry sink in the garage and cut them, put in a valve so I can turn the water to the laundry sink off before it freezes.

Renovations, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Just like the holidays, you’ll be glad when it’s over. Renovations have a way of growing and growing, kind of like your gift giving list.

Renovations Are Expensive

Just like the entire holiday experience, renovations cost more, they involve frantic trips to the store and they are expensive. My little project cost me over a hundred bucks today, money I could have spent on gifts. Ha! Ha!

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Renovations are full of surprises. That simple task grows like an evil fungus, with one problem leading to another. Who knows what’s behind your walls ?And you’ll never guess what’s in that lovely present from your Aunt Mildred. You have to open it to find out you have a lovely new pink and purple cable knit sweater that will fit just perfectly once you lose 20 pounds.

They Last Forever

If you’ve ever had your house taken over by renovations, you’ll remember that feeling that it took forever, just like you’re mother in law’s visit. There are millions of perfumes, why must her favorite scent cause me severe allergy attacks? That’s right, I don’t leave the car window open because I’m Canadian and love cold. I’m struggling to breathe.

It’ll be Over Soon

One day, you’ll get your house back from the renovations and your visitors. You can put your feet up, get a nice glass of wine and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Any renovation Nightmares from Christmas out there?


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