Learn How To Avoid Common Landlord Problems

Do you want better tenants, more rent and less headaches? Read Landlord Rescue and learn how to avoid common pitfalls and problems.

In my experience, evictions and tenants from hell are avoidable. I’ve been working full time in this business for many years. I rent and manage many properties. I have ZERO evictions in 2010.  Follow me on my journey as I share best practices and insider tips and tricks that will keep you out of trouble.

Getting great tenants is possible and it’s the cornerstone to you making any money in this difficult and challenging business.

I’m Rachelle Berube, the writer and property manager behind this site, I want to help you succeed:

  • How to spot great tenants and avoid the bad ones
  • Protect yourself during the rental process
  • Interesting news that affects landlords
  • Be happy and calm in your role as a landlord!

It doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful to be a landlord. In fact it can be downright simple and easy. Be one of the many landlords that gets the new information as soon as it comes out. It’s simple, just put your email into the form below. You don’t have to learn at the the school of hard knocks!

Personal Stuff About The Writer: Rachelle

Age : Ha

Weight : Ha… Ha

Marital Status: Very

Kids : One son, smarter than me

Contact Information

Phone (416) 628-4137
Cell (416) 880-4126
Fax (647) 724-1619
Email rachelle@landlordrescue.ca

Educational experience:


Business Experience: While in second year of school, I started a construction business with a partner, I did that in conjunction with different property management contracts for different buildings, companies, a rental agency, a paralegal. I’ve worked a lot in high vacancy buildings.

Inspiration for Landlord Rescue : A small Landlord I met at the sheriff’s office who had been told by the Tribunal to pursue a case for eviction, when she already knew because of the neighbors the tenants had moved out. I saved her $330 that day. That was the moment I decided that my skills would be better used helping smaller landlords who are often preyed on by bad tenants because they don’t have the process of protections that bigger landlords employ.

What I like the most about myself : Great Problem Solver, Honest

What possessed me to start a blog? Frugal Trader over at Million Dollar Journey saw me helping people out for a while over in the Canadian Money Forum. He asked me to write some articles. This got me writing and people liked it. I had a pretty useless website and I asked my hubby to help me turn it into a blog. Before this I was unable to even log into my website. I learned pretty fast and here we are a few months later. I also write for Money Smarts Blog, he likes horrible tenant stories. It turns out I have a lot to say. Also Bloggers so far are awesome! Many people have helped me without pay just through the goodness of their hearts.

Pet Peeves : Liars, crooks, thieves. People who prey on seniors and the vulnerable.


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  • MS

    Hi Rachelle

    Love the blogs on MDJ. Would it be possible to grab a copy of your CAP spreadsheet? I have my own by I like your approach to evaluating properties.

    If possible, I might ask for a coffee to discuss property investment strategy options. I own high end fully furnished rentals. I’m intrigued by “the lower end” of the market as I know nothing.


    • Rachelle

      Sure a coffee would be great !

      • Tenant

        If you hate lairs, then why do not do your due diligence before you decide to assist a Dishonest landlord harass and abuse their tenant, namely me; why do you represent a landlord who is guilty of Tax evasion which I reported to the National Lead Centre of the CRA. Do you know she tried to kill me because she is a nurse and has access to medication and has knowledge of how to poison a person?

        I think you are a fraud and a hypocrite. You can’t even give a honest bio.

        • John

          Spoken like a true deadbeat tenant. Its a shame that the laws allow predator tenants to take advantage of any type of landlords. I feel the land lord tenant act needs to be more balanced to protect the landlords from the tenants as well.
          We have a tenant that owes over $4000. in back rent from Nov 2015 until present we have an eviction order from the tribunal but we have to take them to small claims court for the money they owe, we all know how that turns out.
          Great job on your website! its a great service to the Landlords that fall prey to deadbeat tenants.
          Thank you!
          P.s. Over 90% of the cases heard the day of our tribunal hearing were for tenants owing money to the landlords.. how sad is that

    • Lisa

      Hi Rachelle,
      I recently found your site as my girlfriend and I purchased a rental property in London, Ontario. We live in Vancouver and what baffles me most is the way the Ontario Landlord Tenant branch is set up.
      I come from a province with a strong socialist background yet when you rent a property here, you put down half a month’s rent as damage deposit and another half month’s rent if a pet is allowed for damage done by pets. When a tenant leaves, the landlord may keep a portion of the deposit for any damage done. This is a good way to ensure that tenants leave the property in the way that they found it.
      Hop over a few provinces to where the nation’s capital is as well (as the commercial centre of the country) and we find a completely different scenario. How did this happen? Is there any lobbying to get the regulations more balanced so that the investment of landlords are more protected?

  • Graham

    Hi Rachelle.
    I added another comment to the CREA discussion (I also inserted a shameless plug for For CELL By Owner). Sorry, couldn’t help myself.
    Yes, I would be happy to do an interview for your blog. Let me know when and I’d be happy to contribute. For my discussions over the past year or so, there are many people on both sides of the border who are unwilling and unable to pay full-service real estate commissions anymore. Thankfully, with the internet and some creativity, most can sell themselves.

    Keep up the good fight.

  • Jim

    Just found your site. Being a property manager in the Niagara area has led me down some interesting paths (some not of the garden variety). It’s great to see some practical and real situation advice for us who deal with some “personalities” that can make this career choice a lot more difficult than it has to be. Thanks for your generosity.

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  • Steve

    Chuckle. Found your site through Million Dollar Journey and I really enjoy your frank thoughts on Landlord and Tenant relations. Keep up the good work.

  • Howard Hare

    Rather than regret not going to University, why not enroll?
    Personally, Grad from Mac, night school and extension at six other Universities.
    You meet some good people there.
    Retired in Florida.
    Oh yeah, that way your kid can’t say why should i go if you didn’t.

  • Andrea @ Consultant blog

    You have a great story of how your interests led to you getting into consulting. I saw your posts at Blog Tyrant and followed you here. Your site seems clean and trustworthy. Great job!

  • Carla

    Hello Rachelle
    Great blog!
    My tenant called me yesterday indicating that her daughter was diagnosed with Asthma. the tenant has a cat and smokes ( outside of the property).
    She has asked if I can hire a company to do duct cleaning as she is now concerned about air quality.
    My question is: how should I handle this as a landlord? is duct cleaning part of maintenance? Am I obliged to do it now that the tenant has alergies?
    There is no clear indication from the doctor at this point as what is causing it.
    thanks a bunch

  • Asia

    Hi Rachelle,
    I saw your comments on blog tyrant and followed you here…thought I’d let you know I love your about page. It’s a great mix of witty and informative!

    Kuddos =)

  • Antonia

    As a very small but responsible LandLord I loved your site and look forward to hearing and learning more.AF

  • Nemesis

    Damn! You’re married.

  • Penny

    I don’t think you should knock someone you don’t know.
    I also don’t know this man personally but I do know he is a successful investor with 100s of properties, an empire he built while still working at some min wage job. You cannot accomplish that without knowing what you’re talking about.( I’d think)
    Additionally, proceeds from all of Don’s best-selling books continue to help Habitat for Humanity… Hmmm, that doesn’t sound greedy as one posts in reply to your analysis debunker suggested. On top of that, take a look at Don’s “Suggested Reading” List on his website… none of his own books are on it… hmmm… no greed here either..Think before you knock someone… somehow I feel offended on behalf of the man

    • Rachelle

      If you don’t know him, how do you know that anything he says is true. I have asked Don about his properties and how much he owns which he did not reply. I too could say I have many doors but the fact is it is much more lucrative to sell memberships to people who want to learn about real estate than it is to own real estate in most cases. Don has no educational background to say what he says. In an early website, he was said to be a high school drop out. In any case it’s irrelevant because Don no longer manages REIN anyways. It’s a Real Estate Broker and motivational speaker. As Don says look beyond the curtain.

      • Penny

        True and don’t know Warren Buffet either.. We can research Don’s credentials. He is a partner in REIN, has holdings across the country, he has several best selling books on the subject for which proceeds are donated to charity, 29,000 properties have been purchased by REIN members, 3000 REIN member and growing. He tells his full story about humble beginnings and approximate # of properties he owns at the events.. which personally I find inspiring..I can understand why he would not disclose exact info for privacy.. I’m not a REIN member nor Don follower per say and am not promoting either… my point was that bashing the person to make your point on the analysis was unnecessary.. that’s it

  • Penny

    p.s. Wanted to add, if you tried getting any comments to Don’s analysis to explain where you thought it didn’t make sense before knocking it on your website and his character..

  • Penny

    On a positive note, as a landlord, I appreciate your motivation for the website.. kudos on that aspect..

  • CK

    Love your posts!

  • Carolyn

    Hi again,
    I believe that their should be a site that lists renters that are SERIAL RIPOFF CONS. Your thoughts and would the government support such a site?

  • Carolyn

    What are your mgmt. fees for a condo in North York?

  • Vicky

    Hi Rachelle
    I really like your blogs and tweets they are great and I find them very informative. I have a question for you on running a brokerage and account and property management software. I am a new broker in Vancouver and have just set up my office. I am looking at the different software and would like one that does the accounting as well as the property managemet. I can not afford Yardi genisis 2 at present and have looked at rent magic (this has glitches as I used it in another office I worked for. I have looked at Quick books and Sage for just accounting. Do you use separate accounting and property management software or a combined one. If you do would you be prepared to discuss which software you use and how you find it. Thanks Vicky

  • michael

    Hi Rachelle, first off, thank for you for countless helpful posts over the many years that I’ve been reading your blog. I own and run a couple of properties, with a small number of units. Even so, it’s messy dealing with so many keys. Do you recommend any examples for key management?

  • Leon De Vose, II

    I am a real estate licensee in New Jersey.

    If you are only talking about Canadian real estate salespeople, I cannot speak on this. I am licensed in completely different nation.

    However, your comments on my profession are largely uninformed, unfair and in fact libelous.

    You quoted the definition of a multi-level marketing business and then worked hard to hammer all real estate brokers into this definition.

    Would you say the same of the legal and medical professions. Would not their expensive training programs, membership fees, liability insurance fees make them fit your definition of a MLM?

    What about beauticians, teachers, plumbers and electricians? Are these MLMs also? They all require not-so-cheap training (more than real estate licensees), much more expensive association and membership fees, and they are often recruiting for new talent. In fact teachers get help from the government to further their “MLM scheme”.

    In New Jersey we are held to an ethics code that precludes the kind of blanket slander in which you engage. It is one thing to offer alternatives to our services. It is another thing altogether to completely misrepresent as dishonest and unprofessional.

    By the way, in New Jersey, you would face criminal, administrative and civil liabilities for:

    1. Practicing real estate brokerage without a license (unless you manage, lease and sell for others for free).

    2. Practicing law without a license (advising landlords on legal matters related to landlord-tenant matters).

    3. Slanderous misrepresentation.

    I specifiy New Jersey, because this is the state where I practice and teach, and where I know which of your practices require licenses. I am sure that many other states, if not all, would similarly address your practice. Nevertheless, I can only speak confidently of New Jersey.

    I am shocked that you have not been sued by Canada’s National Association of Realtors and its provincial affiliates.

  • Kayta

    Thank you Rachelle!

  • Kayta

    Dear Rachelle: thank you for your honorable work and effort for the small landlord.

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