Adam Gant & Emanuel Arruda Whacking the Bee’s Nest

June 30th, 2013 · 1 Comment · League REIT Updates

Passion for Consciousness

You know people after looking into League’s business I feel really bad for the investors  and I’m completely amazed at the amount of people who are calling in and emailing about these guys and their failed ventures. Finding the foreclosure documents and so on.

Last Week’s Threatening Lawyer Letter…

June 24th Lawyer Letter_Page_1 June 24th Lawyer Letter_Page_2People do you know how this all started? Because of this blog post’s comments, and not wanting me to say anything about your company failing to repay investors on Canadian Money Forum. Do you really think you can censor the internet and keep everybody from talking when investors don’t get their money back?

Good Luck With That Ass Hat


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