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This is a list of everything I have written pretty much anywhere. Just click on the title and the link will take you to the article. Don’t forget if you want to know something I haven’t touched on yet just use the question section and ask away. I love answering questions, this save me the trouble of coming up with a new idea for a post!

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Bad Tenants

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A Visit to The Hospital

Save Money On Real Estate Commissions

Home Buying In A Bubble

Of Course It All Makes Sense Now

My Sonshine

Making Money in Real Estate

I’ve Been Cheating

Visit to the Landlord & Tenant Board

Welcome To Landlord Rescue

Here’s the articles I wrote for the awesome website Money Smarts Blog

10 Resources To Check Before You Rent In An Apartment Building

The Stripper with the Dirty Feet – A Tenant From Hell Story

Finally I also write for Million Dollar Journey. I will forever be grateful for Frugal Trader asking me to write real estate articles for him and getting me started writing. His blog is also a great personal finance reference!

Tenant Demographics – Canadian Apartment Investment Conference

Canadian Apartment Investment Conference – REIT Executive Panel

Interview With Greg Romundt – Executive and CEO of Centurion REIT – Part II

Interview With Greg Romundt- Executive and CEO of Centurion REIT Part I

The Downside of Owning REITs

The Myth of Positive Cash Flow

Good News For Landlords & Investors

Taking Vacations Can Make You Money?

Landlord Math – Cap Rate and Return On Investment

How To Attract The Best Tenants

Negotiating 101 – Landlord Edition

Residential Vs Commercial Real Estate investment Comparison

Mortgages That Are Not Being Renewed

The Art of Tenant Selection

Canadian Real Estate Board Vs Competition Commissioner

The Business of Owning Income Property

That’s it! I’ll be adding my new posts to this page. I’m thinking it will make it easier to find individual posts or resources as this website grows. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve read an interesting or resourceful article and then can’t track it down.

I hope this helps everyone!


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  • property agency

    This information is really a big help for those people who are new to this.

  • Sue Taylor

    I can find no mention of Ontario Landlords Watch or information about their petition anywhere on this site. But I found it here before. We all need to band together if we’re to effect any significant changes.

  • Becki

    Go and get a job! My advice to you is and go and get a lemonade stand and work your way up. Oh! Go see a psychiatrist while you are at it. The advice you are giving is accessible to anyone with a grade 6 education.

  • Dan Hillgartner

    Hello Rachelle, I absolutely love your site and the service you are providing. Truly a breath of fresh air. My question is ( and pls forgive me if I missed the answer to this in the posts above ) rather then a security deposit, can you offer a rebate to a tenant due at the end of the lease based on any damages that may or may not have occurred during tenancy? Thank you.

  • Dunmowdan

    Please advise about what to do to break a lease within 10 days of signing it before taking possession.

  • Sue Taylor

    You can re-assign your lease or sublet your unit. The landlord cannot reasonably without consent. Here’s a site where you can find answers to a lot of tenant questions.

  • Grace

    I have a tenant that has a hoarding problem and there is a very bad stink that comes from her unit because of the 5 cats that she has. Because the smell is so bad I can’t rent the adjacent unit. This is a basement apartment. Outside of eviction, can she compensate me for my inability to rent the unit next to hers because of the foul smell

  • Keith Cowan

    I was looking for your articles on League. Where can I find them?

  • William N

    I have a female tenant #1 complaining that another female tenant #2 brings in her boyfriend to stay overnight. Besides noise problem (which has been solved), tenant #1 was shocked one day to see the male boyfriend of tenant #2 on his own in the kitchen. Tenant #1 was not expecting to see a male around the house and was scared.
    Can a landlord add new rules eg. no male guest(s) allowed overnight — the lease has a clause that says “The tenant covenants and agrees to comply with each of the rules and regulations herein and, upon notice, and any additions or amendments thereto.” The place was advertised as all females residence, but no specific guest rules are in the lease agreement.

    • Rachelle

      I do not believe that no visitors rules are enforceable in any way and discrimination on the basis of gender is illegal. I think this is a big problem for you as a landlord. You may not add rules that are illegal and any rules in your lease that are not in accordance with the Human Rights Code are unenforceable anyways.

  • Saleena

    I am currently renting a basement apartment in Brampton, ON. I have been here for almost a year.
    On a monthly basis I pay 30% of all utilities. The tenant upstairs recently moved out and the utlities have been transferred into my name. My landlord expects me to pay 100% of utilities, should i be doing that ? I dont think i should be paying the full bill as the whole house is being heated and all that.

    just wanted some insight any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you !!

  • Mark19

    Hi, do you allow guest posting on ?

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