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March 31st, 2011 · Tell Me What You Really Think Here · Real Estate Lawyer

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Today I spoke to Allan Socken, a real estate lawyer and he was a hell of a nice guy. I like him.  Jeff Shabes, my friend and paralegal told me to call him about my trademark issues. Alas, Allan couldn’t help me with that problem, but it’s still fun to talk to fantastic people. Of course, as these things go Allan knows someone who’s wickedly good who can help me.

Landlord & Tenant Board Issues at Divisional Court

I talk a lot about how badly the Ontario Landlord & Tenant Board works for landlords and how hellishly long they take to deal with simple matters. But true landlord purgatory happens when a tenant takes their issue one level further and appeals their Landlord & Tenant Board judgement to Divisional Court. That is when you absolutely need to know who Allan Socken is and what he does.

Allan Socken is one of the lawyers who does deal with Landlord & Tenant Board matters at Divisional Court  in Ontario.

Ontario Human Rights Commission – Landlord & Tenant

A while back I did a few posts about Human Rights Cases in Landlord & Tenant Law. I also wrote that landlord have just about as much chance of being hit by lightning than being taken to the Ontario Human Rights Commission. This is still true; however, just like some people do actually get hit by lightning some landlords do get hit by Ontario Human Rights Commission cases.

This would be another good time to remember Allan Socken’s name. Of the couple cases last year, he lost one… of course you might be interested to know that the tenant got only $3000 rather than the $250,000 thousand they were after.

If  You’re Going To Die One Day…

You might want to give Allan Socken a ring, before you die of course. For some reason, I’m sure there’s a story behind it,  Allan Socken also does estate law, planning, wills and getting your affairs in order.

Organizing  your exit position is a wise move on your part, if you have any ideas about who should get  your “stuff” after you quit using it.

How Do I Find Allan Socken?

Conveniently he happens to have a Real Estate Lawyer’s website. So you can call or fax or email him. Did I mention that he was kind, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable? So give him a call, write up your damn will if you don’t already have one (shame on you) and keep his name handy just in case the tenant from hell decides to hang their hat at your place.

When you’re in really deep landlord trouble now you know who to call.



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