Another Important Voicemail For Jared…

September 11th, 2012 · 3 Comments · Kids & Family, Landlord Rescue Trademark

Some of the messages I get for Jared and Patrick are important, like I want to sue you or this one where a tenant calls and wants to know about information about a fire??? Yeah I don’t know.


Oh and sorry to hear about the fire at Sandstone Estates.

I’m not sure of a more perfect example of why what you guys are doing is so wrong and has been so wrong for over a year. This is exactly what must stop. It is not ok for both of you and your business to keep using my business name Landlord Rescue. This speaks to confusion and important problems as well as privacy issues for your business and your tenants. Why do I have to be the one to tell you this is wrong?

I Was Wrong About The Above Statement So It Was Removed And Replaced With The Following

Jared and Patrick have now changed their business name at the domain name to Landlord Resource Center a name that is completely identical in the first word and the first three letters of the second work. I’m having deja vu to their reaction to the very first cease and desist letter that I sent them in which the changed their house in a life preserver logo to a dollar sign in a life preserver logo.  The part about being wrong is opinion, just like the following is an opinion. You are completely unethical, both of you.

Also incidentally I see they have put the TM for trademark after the name Landlord Resource Center but no Trademark has been applied for according to CIPO’s search of Landlord Resource Center I’m sure there must be rules about that, but also work arounds the rules for people who don’t like the rules.

For more information see The Doctrine of Truth – Open Letter to Jared Hope & Patrick Francey

Everyone have a nice week.



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  • Darren

    Good Afternoon,

    I lived in the sandstone Estates back in late 2010. I have first hand experience of their unethical behavior.

    I had given my notice for the end of the month. They had asked permission to go in and see what needed to be done(partly why I was leaving nothing was ever upkept!). Being a reasonable indiviual I said of course. They noticed durning the inspection that I was starting to move my belongings out. They asked if they could start doing some of the work to get the unit ready for the end of the month. I said Yes, and I will get the rest of my stuff out on the last weekend of the month. When I came to remove my last items I found them to be gone. Yes, Gone!!! They did not have possession yet and they had the nerve to throw out collectable items and some less important household items. However, these were MINE!!! NOT THERE’S!!!!. When I tried to get my stuff Jared said Oh WELL! Nothing can be done. It then took me six weeks. Thats right Six weeks to get my damage deposit back. I had to get legal Council involved in order to get Jared to return my deposit………oh oh but oh yeah that is where the catch is. Jared doesnt hold on to monies for the landlord he just sends reports to the landlords hence why he can operate with out a brokers license………..Suspicously enough the Landlord(person who owned the building told us it came from Jared’s office) Finally, That is where I was told to pick the check up.