How Bad Can It Get For Landlords?

August 3rd, 2012 · 5 Comments · Landlord Advocacy

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NOTE: Anastasia Adani of A Plus Creative is a nice professional lady who happens to have a name that is one letter different from the beast who ripped off the landlord. If you are googling her to find out more about her, stop yourself and go hire her. Now back to my regularly scheduled programming…

Here’s the long and short of it.

    1. October of 2011 the landlord rents the unit and never collects any additional rent from the tenant until this very day, August 2nd 2012.
    2. The tenant Rony Hitti and Anastassia Adani owe the poor landlord over $25,000 in unpaid rent.
    3. The landlord has at this point paid untold thousands to legal representatives to try to regain legal possession of her property.


Melissa D’Amico v. Rony Hitti

More interesting in that judgement is what Judge Matlow has to say about the entire case, the waste of resources and the abuse of process. It’s legislative rape of the landlord and every single landlord is at risk. It’s a loophole that has to be closed.

Of course this is an extreme example of the delaying tactics these tenants employ. A more minor form of delay happens at the Landlord & Tenant Board as tenants review and reopen cases. They stop the eviction process and wait, wait, wait.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, no one waits for your payments. Mortgage payments, property taxes, utilities, repairs and maintenance must go on regardless of the amount of money or lack of it that you receive. It’s a shit sandwich and you have to eat it. In fact, it may be the only thing you can afford to eat after paying all those bills while your tenants live rent free.

Many thanks to Harry Fine at his blog for providing this excellent example of the injustice at the Landlord & Tenant Board.

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