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December 1st, 2010 · 12 Comments · Canadian Real Estate Carnival

It’s a great day when another edition of the Canadian Real Estate Blog Carnival comes out. It’s a celebration of all thoughts real estate. How awesome is that?

I have some exciting news for real estate bloggers or blobbers as my mom likes to call us. The Canadian Real Estate Blog Carnival is looking for sponsors. Specifically I want prizes for the winning bloggers and our visitors as well. We already have a nice award to put on our site when we win donated by Julie Broad of Life as Real Estate Investors If you know of a company in real life that wants to run a social media campaign and get people to join their twitter or facebook this is a great way to accomplish that goal, get them in touch with me.

Next I have a sad tale to tell, have you ever tried to do something really good? And then things went horribly wrong? Well this is one of those tales. I found out about it at the REIN Space Forum the other day.

Has anyone every heard of the book “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss?

If not, it’s a NY times bestseller and an international phenomenon. It’s one of the best books I have read on any of the topics: Entrepreneurship, online business, lifestyle design, travel, and outsourcing. As part of a promotion some time ago, I bought 100 copies and was selling them at a fraction of Chapter’s price and donating all profits to Room To Read! An organization that helps bring education to children across the world. I now have 45 copies left but have hit a little roadblock and have exhausted most of my network. I am currently selling for $20 each (they retail for over $28 at chapters) and donating $5 from each book (I paid $17 per copy) to Room to Read.

I have heard some good things about this book, help out an embattled guy trying to raise some money for charity! Email to get your copy. Or you can get one copy for yourself and one for each of your friends. After all it would suck if you only worked 4 hours per week but your friends kept working a regular work week, you’d be lonely.

I made another mistake…

All the emails for the Canadian Real Estate Blog Carnival come through me, and the last time around I forgot to forward one of my favourite blogs, VREAA to Mike Holman esteemed author of the RESP Book (another great Christmas gift) and webmaster of So then VREAA emailed me and asked me what the hell was going on and I had to beg for forgiveness because I made a booboo.

With no further ado, here is one of the funniest and longest blog stories around, it’s epic, so get a coffee or glass of scotch and sit down for a tale of woe. For those of you who have attempted flipping or renovating a house, perhaps you can take comfort that you did not encounter the myriad catastrophes that Froogle Scott did in his quest for the the million dollar mansion AKA Vancouver tar paper shed.

Where To Get Your Investing Ass Kicked

Chris Davies & Brent Davies tell new investors to Stay Out of the Black Triangle of East Edmonton. One day I should write a similar post called How To Learn Fast About The Landlord & Tenant Board by Investing at Jane & Finch or Where Are The Men of South Oshawa? A post about the single mother on assistance phenomenon in that part of town. I sure agree with Chris that some areas are not for the faint of heart and new investors get eaten alive in these areas.

Bah Humbug

Wade of HGREI tells us all to Stop Hanging Around Malls and Start Shopping for Real Estate at Christmas. I’ll do anything to stay far away from the shopping malls this time of year. Every time it snows, every single person in Toronto forgets how to drive plus I just hate line ups. People should pay me to stand in line not the other way around. If people want to give me money, I can assure you that I will not make them stand in line. So FU to Walmart and IKEA lineups, I’m shopping for Real Estate. ( I am, by the way, looking for an investor )

Where Should You Invest?

Julie Broad tells you where to invest in this video post...Then she echos my sentiments about the USA where not to invest in this post about The Perils of Being a Deal Chaser. Just yesterday, I met with an owner who only buys in the Bayview and Sheppard area. All his properties are within 4 km of his house. He used to have a whack of condos in Edmonton, after he paid for the management and repairs and vacancy, he barely broke even and was constantly stressed out about his properties. He sold everything except the properties close to his house and he’s happy.

A Little Self Promotion

Have you ever written a post so good you could hardly stand it? I did, then I sent it to Frugal Trader of Million Dollar Journey. I consider it to be one of my best writings on the web for landlords. I called it Landlord Math. Sometimes I think I might actually be doing some good in the world. So go read this baby…

What Does A Great Tenant Look Like?

Let Potato tell you on his blog Blessed By The Potato where he discusses Home Improvements for Tenants. He’s far from alone either, quite a few tenants improve their homes because they live in them and want to make them better. Oh and Potato next time you’re looking for a place, I’ll hook you up in one second.

The Forgetful Participant

Neil Uttamsingh of First Rental Property sent me an email the other day… hey here’s my entry for the carnival but there was no link. Don’t worry Neil ! I’ve had days like that too. So I went over to his blog and picked out the Jay-Z Guide to Investing As long as Jay-Z doesn’t sing, I’ll listen to his excellent advice.

How to Add Value

Canuck Landlord is busy. He’s Adding Value to his Properties. Find out how in his excellent post and then you can too.

Canadian Personal Finance Carnival

There’s also another great Canadian carnival at Investing Thesis and there you can see more great posts about how to save money, invest and so on. You’ll need to learn how to take care of money to be a successful real estate investor so go get educated.

Before you go…

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