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January 15th, 2011 · 18 Comments · Canadian Real Estate Carnival

There’s good news for readers of Landlord Rescue and the Carnival. The blog migration is somewhat complete! The blog got so big we had to move it to a new host. Loading should be faster and better going forward.

Excellent Carnival Submissions

Financial Uproar tells us Why He isn’t Buying Any Rental Properties Anytime Soon plus he’s single! He’s also driving this nice vehicle while his car sits alone and unloved waiting for warmer weather to start.

Julie Broad asks Is Your Mom Fighting Your Battles For You? in her post about putting an offer on a house. Reminds me of last year when one of my investors wanted to put in an offer of $900,000 on a property listed at $1,800,000 by a receiver. The agent refused and the final selling price of that property? $1,200,000. It was half vacant, hard to finance and on the market for over a year…

VREAA discusses How Many People Have Benefited From The Real Estate Boom There are many people who have a vested interest in keeping real estate going the way it’s going.

Potato talks about the Risk and the Housing Market. He found a book from 1981 with mortgage tables in it. The lowest rate in the book is 9%. That would be like buying a house with a credit card. In fact I know people who almost lost their houses when the rates went up to 18%.

The Versatile Investor – Mark Loeffler analyses the Latest Rental Market Report in his submission. It’s not rocket science, the fact that you more than first and last and a good job and decent credit to buy a house is great news for investors! Those people have to stay somewhere while they save for their purchase. For those of you interested in Rent To Own Investing, this is the guy to talk to. I’ve begged for a copy of his book Investing in Rent-to-Own Property: A Complete Guide for Canadian Real Estate Investors <click here to buy. I hope it comes soon so I can review it. I know an awful lot of people are interested in this type of investing.

So that wraps up this edition of the Canadian Real Estate Blog Carnival, it seems that another blogger has decided that I am negative and I received no submissions from the MyReinSpace crowd. After all, you should never include yourself in an open discourse,  you should limit your circle of friends to people who think exactly like you. Anyways I miss their submissions… this carnival was designed to represent all opinions on real estate, both positive and negative!


Real Estate Bull – Winner

Julie Broad… congrats!

Real Estate Bear – Winner


Have a great weekend everyone !


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