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March 31st, 2011 · 3 Comments · Landlord & Tenant Board

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A few days ago I was filing a Non-Payment of Rent Application at the Landlord & Tenant Board. Don’t worry, I didn’t rent the place. I hadn’t stepped foot in the Landlord & Tenant Board Office in over a year. The front line lady remembered me, how crazy is that?

Faxing Applications Into The Landlord & Tenant Board

You can fax your N-4, Certificate of Service and L-1 into the Board for processing if you like. If you have more than 4 files you have no choice but to fax them. I faxed my application in on Thursday of last week for pick up at my local office. I didn’t hear back from anyone so I went to check on my file  on Monday to see what was going on.

Delays In Processing

When I got there my friend told me that I was lucky I came in because there is a 2 week delay in processing files that are faxed in. If you go to the service counter, you wait but you get your Notice Of Hearing the same day. Also, my fax machine failed to fax a few pages properly so I would have had to refax the entire mess in again. My husband who is a tech guy says that something is horribly wrong when you take a digital file in the form of PDF, then print it…then fax it to their office where they print it, scan it and turn it back into a digital file.

Computer Problems

So I went back and got the original documents and dropped it off. By this time it was 12:30 and I was hungry so I went off and had lunch with my son and husband and ran a few errands. When I got back to their office, my file wasn’t processed. The lady who was serving me couldn’t get me my Notice of Hearing because the entire system was down. As we were chatting I was told that this is a regular problem, but when I asked if she could just use another computer I was told that whenever this scheduling system doesn’t work, it affects all of Ontario at the same time.  Fortunately… just when I was about to give up the computer system started working again.

Lesson Learned…

Don’t fax in your application unless you want to enjoy your non paying tenant for an additional two weeks. If your fax doesn’t come through, it could be longer…. So go into your local Landlord & Tenant Board and drop it off at the counter. Be nice to the front desk ladies, they have been very helpful in the past and they’ll tell you if your application has a mistake. It’s frustrating as heck to start over, but waiting until the court day a month away is even more frustrating.

The Landlord & Tenant Board is even more broken than I thought, who’s going to fix this mess?


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  • Wayne Chorney

    Hummm, I have dealt with the board before and
    won my case. It was about a tenant trying to
    get free rent by saying the bathroom in the
    apt. had BLACK MOLD, and of course it did not
    have black mold, we clean and scrub all our apts
    before renting them, and of course there was
    mildew which every bathroom has. Also here is
    a Huge TIP for you Rachel, in order to get rid of
    any kind of MOLD all you need is antibacterial
    dish soap, this kills the mold anything else
    just feeds it, that is from a professional who does
    major clean ups.This is a long story, so to cut it
    short, I won , she lost and owed me money for
    her BS. which she never paid, lol…

    • Rachelle

      Yeah every tenant with mold in their apartment wants free rent. Even though there are 150 million types of mold and only 80 known to cause problems. Not to mention that lots of problems could be avoided by airing the place out and proper regular cleaning.

  • Liza

    The board is so disorganized. ughhh.