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I’m about to tell you one of the most absolute truisms of life here, so listen up.

When I was a high school drop out and general, mope around, coffee drinking loser, I had a great friend named Arthur Girard. He can take the credit for getting me back in school and putting me on the road to being productive. He actually called me a loser, condemned me to a life of minimum wage jobs unless I went back to school and got myself sorted.

During one of our talks which mostly consisted of him actually telling me how the world worked while I argued, he said one of the smartest things anyone has ever said to me.

There’s no such thing as a life without problems, you trade your present problems for bigger, better, problems.

I’ve basically been doing that ever since…I traded the problems of gossip at the food court for completing high school and attending that every day, I traded the problems of high school in Sault Ste Marie for the problems of College in Toronto. Then I traded the problems of working for high vacancy buildings for the problems of building my own business. Onwards and Upwards.

I’m Still Learning

During that same time, I went to a vocational counselor who did about a week of testing on me to figure out what I would be good at. Her assessment started with the words “Rachelle is an unique individual who marches to the beat of a different drummer…” Then she told me that I was in the 90th – 100th percentile for every skill except secretarial at which I can assure you I am amazingly horrible. She also told me that people like me have a very difficult time because they get bored easily and have trouble finding one thing and sticking to it. All this is true.

As I get older, I find I have gotten better at knowing myself and what I am good at. John T Reed says that if you’re good at something you don’t really perceive it. I’ve been told I’m a good writer, which is very nice of everyone, and it seems pretty easy to me. I just sit on my living room couch, and type. Unfortunately, it does take quite a while and I haven’t figured out how to make it pay well.  See…I traded a problem for a problem.

Then the other day, I was trading emails with a friend and he mentioned that I should give a class, for small landlords and investors. I’m a decent speaker too, if anyone wants me to. Then a nice lady called me on the phone and said the same thing. Then my phone died and it cut her off (Sorry) I’d also like to do this but again I looked into room rental rates and then got scared no one would show up and it would cost me a fortune and I’d be sitting all by myself in the dark. Since then I’ve discovered a website that helps to sort out ticket sales and that kind of stuff, which would help me get that part figured out as well.

Currently I have a lot of exciting, engaging opportunities none of which have a steady guaranteed paycheck attached, which I keep telling myself I want because I’m supposed to be responsible and pay the bills around here, or highly speculative ventures which are wildly interesting and challenging.  More problem trading.

In any case I’m up to continuing the problem trading until I end up with the mother of all problems, what do I do with all this free time and money?

Growing Myself as A Person

I read another interesting thought in a book… which I forget the title of, in which the author claimed that problems are there to challenge yourself as a person and that when you grow yourself to meet the challenge those problems are no longer an issue. Clearly I have some growing to do. In the book they failed to mention how to clone yourself to get more work done but that’s my next project right after I expand my workday into 48 rather than 24 hours so I can be more productive. In any case in the last few month’s I’ve grown myself as a person quite a lot. I’ve tackled some of my worst character flaws, namely procrastination and lack of secretarial skills and come out the winner. Now my job is to figure out what direction to go in next and focus on that until it’s mastered and then add another challenge to my plate, slowly taking over the world by trading my problems for better ones.

What Does This Have To Do With Being A Landlord or Investor?

Well, before you bought an income property you never had problems with tenants, did you? Before you bought a house of your own, you never had maintenance problems, did you? Before marriage, marital problems? Every improvement made has it’s own set of new hurdles and opportunities. It’s up to us to figure out how to meet the challenges and learn and grow. What opportunities do you have that are encouraging you to grow as a person?

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