Discrimination Is Not Just Skin Colour

January 30th, 2017 · Tell Me What You Really Think Here · Landlord Advocacy, Rental Property

discriminationI read this interesting story about how some younger people were denied a nice condo with excellent credit and jobs and are now suing the landlord & hopefully his real estate agent as well because they were denied because they were too young at the age of 22 and 23.

The way the young couple was described, they sound pretty good to me and honestly, I would completely accept them. Young professional couple with decent jobs and excellent credit…isn’t that our target market?

It reminds me of this landlord who called me one time to rent a three bedroom condo on the second floor of a condo. I was very happy because 3 bedrooms are rarish in Toronto and one the 2nd floor, which happens to be perfect for families because a lot of them are scared of being up high in case their child should ever go out onto the balcony and fall.  As I shared my thoughts with her she out right came out and said she didn’t want roommates or any people with kids. So I asked her who she thought would be the perfect tenant for her and she said she would like a retired couple with no grandchildren that just wanted a lot of space.

I went from happy to depressed in one second, seniors are not a target demographic for 3 bedroom apartments in Toronto so I declined the listing and told her I wasn’t interested. Frankly if I had accepted the listing, I would have brought her application after application that she would have illegally declined and there’s just too many really decent nice and decent landlords out there to bother.

Experience has taught me that good people come in all colours of the rainbow, and appearance and religion have nothing to do with anything. Tattoos and piercings don’t seem to have much effect, but if you show up reeking of booze or pot, I’ll decline your application.

In any case as educated rental agents and property managers, it’s our job to tell our clients what the law is and follow the law. I have zero interest in being an agent of discrimination and I don’t really care if that means I’m eating ramen soup till the end of my days.  People of principle have to stop going along to get along with this kind of crap. I’m too old and ornery to even care about hurting bigots little feelings.

Regardless, I’m of the firm belief that it’s bad for business to turn down application after application because of wrong minded thinking. We live in one of the most diverse cities in the world and I’m all for it.

Discrimination – Not Even Once


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