Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists – Landlord Edition

July 7th, 2015 · Tell Me What You Really Think Here · Property Management, Rental Property

ICH BIN TERRORISTI think I’m one of the only property managers out there that will actually take on a problem tenant. As any owner or manager can tell you, these tenants can use up 90% of your time and mental energy. I am not immune to head games, annoyances, false reports, intimidation, bullying and other issues that come up during these tenancies but I do have experience in dealing with these situations without completely losing my mind, so there’s that. After you’ve had every con in the book run your way, you get kind of vaccinated to a lot of these people.

Paralegals call these characters “professional tenants” and they tend to be excellent at extortion. Recently, I’ve dealt with two cases in which the tenant wanted $29,000 in damages. Considering the Landlord & Tenant Board limit is $25,000 in damages I knew the landlord would get at least $4000 off.

While these tenants are completely vexing we give them power by engaging in their BS. Just today I was stood up for over an hour at a property waiting for the tenant to show up with a $6000 money order that will likely never come. It’s all about extend, and lie and scam. In some cases bully, threaten and intimidate.

The trick is that even thought you can be emotionally engaged – never stop the process of eviction (unless you are ordered to) and get your N-4’s out fast. This tenant got an extra long grace period before she got her N-4 because she claimed she was in the hospital and had a miscarriage. She got her N-4 on the 15th. Now some managers would say I’m a softy for waiting even that long, but if you ever wanted to destroy a landlord & tenant relationship, sending an eviction notice while someone is in hospital with a miscarriage is probably a great way to do it. I’ve also heard from private owners that have waited for months and months before giving the N-4 and starting the legal process.

You must retain your humanity but this business will change you. I guess one of the times I realized that I had changed on a core level was when a tenant told me her daughter had died and I didn’t believe her. I had to go look it up from an independent source. I seriously thought I was a monster. I wish I had a dollar for every bullshit story or excuse I heard. I’d be rich beyond my wildest imaginings.

Regardless, now I’m 99% sure this tenant told me she had a miscarriage just to get some extra time/free rent from me. So why don’t the bleeding heart anti-landlord people ever bring up people like this horrible woman when they are telling us all about how the poor people are the ones who suffer? This lady and her husband work and there is no excuse, they are just predators.

Tomorrow the sheriff.



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