For God’s Sake Buy A Parking Spot

August 17th, 2015 · 2 Comments · Property Management, Rental Property

American Muscle carWhen I first started renting condos, they came with 2 extra things FOR FREE. Parking and locker. Then a while back, they started charging for parking and gave you the locker. Then developers started charging for both a parking and a locker. Then they started charging $50,000 for a parking spot downtown, if they were even available for your suite. Sometimes if you are buying a one bedroom you can’t even buy a parking.

So quite recently I was hired to rent a condo at 352 Front Street in Toronto (Fly Condos) and I encountered something so brazen and obnoxious I can’t even. PAID VISITOR PARKING. I rented the condo but my resident has a car and after calling around like an idiot looking for parking for days we found one and he moved in. One stinking month later, the spot he got from a real estate agent was cancelled and he can’t find another. Now it’s my problem nightmare because if he can’t find another parking he must move because he needs his car for work.

Despite what the guy selling the unit tells you, you need a parking people. Condos are high end. People who rent them have cars. Condos without parking take a lot longer to rent.

Oh and for the developers of condos with PAID VISITOR PARKING, (likely the excess parking not purchased for $50,000.) I want to PUNCH you in the face. Serious violence people!  Parking now sold to a private company that doesn’t give one crap about your tenants or residents of the building and who will charge your mom $32 daily parking or $10/hour to come visit you. Are you kidding me?

This is now a trend. I just rented a unit at 199 Richmond St W (Studio Condos) and it’s the damn same there. 9 Mercer Street (The Mercer) the same problem. They don’t even have visitor parking there. It cost me $16 per time I parked there except when it cost $30 because I tried to chance it and got a ticket.

I understand the idiots at Toronto City Hall don’t want cars in Toronto. Not for them, but for everyone else. Unfortunately, the young professionals and people who can afford to pay the high end rents for your 500 square foot box in the sky, are not going to sell their car to live in your condo. This is because and and and and are full of condos competing with yours and lots have parking.

Please just get a parking with your condo and refuse to buy from developers that don’t offer them with one bedroom suites. It would make me extra happy if you send them the link to this article.

It’s an unfortunate truth that because of the way new condos are bought and sold, they are bought by investors and not by the people who actually use the apartments. Investors don’t always think long term about what their tenants have to deal with. $50,000 is a shocking amount for a parking but even more shocking and wrong is the developer who sells 2 floors of parking to a private company that charges people for parking when residents can’t even get a parking or rent one.

Just Get The Parking!


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  • carolyn

    Outrageous! Hopefully, the new condo regulations will address that!

  • Chris

    Did you know that private tickets are NOT enforceable… I must have over 100 parking tickets NOT with a govt body and they can’t touch me. ALSO I inform them when they call that this call is $40 per minute after the first minute.