Goodbye August Madness!

September 1st, 2015 · Tell Me What You Really Think Here · Rental Property

Batemans - Aug 2014 - White Horses Bathed in SunshineAugust is always a madhouse. Students come into town, parents move before school starts. It’s both a wonderful and busy time of year for me. Now begins the slow decline in rentals until December when the market dies until February and then starts to climb again until frenetic August again. So many leases were written this month, I’m looking forward to the slower pace of September and onwards so I can catch up on my paperwork. Those leases and unit condition reports don’t scan themselves you know.

We’ve also managed to rent almost all our available stock. So if you want something rented… now would be a great time to call. 135 Village Green Square rented in 6 days, 169 Fort York was a back to back rental with 3 days between tenants, 199 Richmond St West rented in about a month. Our listings are 60 days but we sure don’t want to take the entire time.

When you’re a property management client we get proper notice and we’re able to coordinate these low vacant period rentals very nicely more often than not.

Tenants get Scammed

One of the very last rentals we did was a short notice rental of a house after the tenants were scammed out of their money by this guy. It must be a great business because he’s been doing it a long damn time.

When they contacted the police they uselessly said it was a civil matter.  How the hell is that even possible, he’s not the landlord and he has no authority to rent places and he rents them to 10 different people and runs off with the money.

Landlords get Scammed

For the newest case from Small Claims court for utilities…Small Claims Judge denies claim for damages and utilities. It’s so damn hard to claim for damages with no forwarding address. If you do the work, I’m not sure you can claim your time. But utilities are a god damn mess. Seriously.

Happy September!


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