What Happens To Animals During An Eviction?

April 4th, 2013 · 2 Comments · Property Management

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Need Homes For 9 Cats!

I’ve attended my share of evictions and one of the major things I’ve learned is that they are never fun. You’ll see people who are not coping well with life. One of the fundamental truisms about life is that if you cannot take care of yourself and your basic needs, you won’t be able to take care of anyone or anything else. It makes me feel sad. I didn’t break these people and make them dysfunctional but I sure get to deal with them.

CATS FOR FREE!!! Toronto Area

The story I heard today was that the tenant’s old cat died after 20 years and the same day this other cat just appeared and laid in the same spot his old cat used to. So he took in “miracle” cat.

The cat was not spayed. The cat was naughty (not nice) and had some kittens. Next the kittens grew up and the tenant got them some homes but there was still three left when the miracle cat had another 5 kittens.  Those kittens are 3-4 weeks old.  That means a total of 9 cats. Needless to say, none are spayed or neutered.

The Eviction

So this tenant was supposed to vacate the apartment April 1st according to the order from the board but found it difficult to find a new home that would permit 9 cats. He has not found a home himself. Upon my appearance today, his family members had not come to help him out. The plan was to drop all these belongings in a donation box down the street. A bunch of phone calls had been made to Cat Rescue Organisations but no help had been given.

My Telephone Calls

I began calling as many rescues as I could find and emailing some others and so far I have no response. I am told I can bring the cats to the City of Toronto Shelter. Incidentally I also found out that they have very reasonably priced spay/neuter clinics for residents of Toronto. It costs $20 plus tax to surrender the cats at the city. It costs $50 to surrender the cats to the Toronto Humane Society. In both cases I have to make arrangement to bring the cats to their location.

Cat Homes Required

If you would like a cat/kitten just email me at rachelle@landlordrescue.ca


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