Why I’m Scared To Go To A REIN Meeting

March 24th, 2011 · 4 Comments · REIN

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Fro those of you who remember the articles I’ve written about REIN on this blog, you remember that I was invited to go to one of their meetings quite a while ago. If you need a refresher, you can start at the beginning.

I even got a call this week encouraging me to be nicer to people and that I was costing myself business because I say nasty things sometimes. I speak my mind and sometimes it might be better just to work on my social skills. shut up.

I already have several clients that are REIN members and I go to the Durham Real Estate Investment Group and there’s quite a few members there as well.

Speaking Out Is Important

You have to speak truth to power.  When I write on this blog, it’s like I’m writing to my friends. Let’s face it, sometimes you say really smart stuff to your friends and other times not so much.

In my opinion, I have a duty to share my experiences and other people’s stories to keep other landlords from repeating the same mistakes. It’s like if your friend was date raped by someone and confided in you and then you let your other friend go out on a date with the same guy. Not Cool.  So if the price of that is I lose referrals and business, that’s a small price to pay.

If you don’t speak out, you’re complicit to the crime. If you say something, you may be unpopular and people will do what they want anyways, but at least you’re not contributing to the problems of  people who go around ripping people off.

The Book Review

I learned something from the book I didn’t like, I learned that I would much rather tell the truth about how I feel than sell books.


What if I go to the meeting and I hate it? I don’t need anyone to convince me that buying real estate is good. I know it already. I don’t need support, I need money. And if I go there and then come back here and say I didn’t like it, I’ve created a whole bunch of new haters. So maybe when I’m feeling a bit braver I’ll go. I just have too much on my plate to tackle it.

So dear readers I’m sorry I’m not going to a REIN meeting for the next little while. More will be revealed about the very serious fight I have on my hands already, and it isn’t Romildo or the stupid storage key tenant.


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  • Asanchez

    You are right! If you feel that is not the right time then don’t go. However, please note that most of the people at REIN are there because they want to be there. I hesitated for a long time prior to joining them and now I regret not joining before (Yet, I was not ready). I guess I got in at the right time (for me).

    Real estate is a business and should be treated as such. The more you know about the business the better. The strong side from them is the networking side, Canadian content and the fact that they are not trying to sell you things all the time. There are a lot of newbies but some of the senior members share a lot of information.

    Do not let fear drive your actions, I have not time to feel scare as I am too busy trying to get what I want. Use fear to your advantage, stepping outside of your comfort zone is good, it keeps you alert. Before I had a million of excuses as to why I could not move forward, especially when you don’t have much money. Now, the limiting factor is me (as always).

    REIN only provides the tools; you still need to take action.

  • Rachelle

    Don’t worry I’m putting this one on the back burner for now….

  • Thomas Beyer

    What’s your beef with REIN ?

    Don and his team are great marketing folks .. and run an honest education series of monthly events in 4 cities (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto) full of useful information & networking opps. What’s wrong with that ?

    Yes, it is not cheap .. but a mistake in real estate can cost you easily $10,000 (4-5 year membership fees) or far more if assets exceed the $400,000 or so price point !

    Less emotions .. more facts please !!

    • Rachelle

      My current beef with REIN Thomas is that the VP of REIN Patrick Francey, and Jared Hope another member of REIN are trademarking my business name causing my thousands in legal fees.

      I also get Landlord Rescue Edmonton’s unanswered rental inquiries and people who call me out of the blue asking me where to serve their legal documents and tenants complaining that their deposits haven’t been returned. I won’t have anything good to say about REIN in fact I’ll just keep digging…until they stop what they started… Their actions have proved that your VP at least has the integrity of a pit viper.

      And Don Campbell well if he goes on BNN to say how great real estate is he should at least find properties that cash flow without having to lie about the amount of rent you can expect to get as a landlord. It’s misleading… he says due diligence then he can lead by example. You might want to look at the home page to see what I’m talking about…