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May 10th, 2017 · 2 Comments · Mortgages

Imagine my joy this morning when reading the latest saga from Home Capital Group by Terence Corcoran. I hope they are paying him extra to take the ridiculous and completely wrong position that everyone except Home Capital Group is to blame for its latest round of problems with disclosure, with its share price, and its lack of honest dealings with the public.

Nothing has changed over there. “They have changed their business model” and “They have sold Billion Dollars worth of Mortgage Tranche” but we don’t know who bought the mortgages or at what discount. They may well have have sold their mortgages to Dollarama for crying out loud, planning to offer 1$ pieces of their mortgage book to more of the unsuspecting public. That’s the whole point we don’t know and it’s a publicly traded company and we should know. That’s been the underlying issue since 2014. One think we do know, their deposits are still escaping.

Meanwhile even the province is joining the coverup over at Home Capital Group with the appointment of Alan Hibben to the Board amid protests from OPSEU.

Anyways I did a bit of an interview with Marc this morning. Enjoy!


    • Marc Cohodes explains what short selling is using cattle pricing.
    • Free markets need shorts to oppose
    • Free Speech Is Important even if it’s not positive.
    • Focus on the message rather than focusing on the messenger
    • Home Capital had a bad quarter in 2014 in a great market
    • Regulators not doing their job except OSC
    • Marc Cohodes has Superpowers
    • Congratulates New Head of OSC Jeff Kehoe on Action
    • Recharge & Home Capital link
    • What is Operation Trillium?
    • How deep does the mortgage fraud go?
    • Vice Article on Home Capital
    • Flawed business model
    • Mortgage Syndication Fraud
    • Fortress Is Ground Zero For Mortgage Syndication Fraud
    • Money Laundering
    • Chickens are good.

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This guy really is a hero. Here’s the Maclean’s story about how Fortress tried and failed to shut him up. He’s also a good fisherman. You can contact him here.


You can follow Marc Cohodes @AlderLaneeggs

Or me, @LandlordRescue

For some amusingly misguided stories about Home Capital Group @terencecorcoran

Many Thanks All, and extra sprinkles if you listened to the whole interview


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  • Jeremy

    “the ridiculous and completely wrong position that everyone except Home Capital Group is to blame for it’s latest round of problems with disclosure, with it’s share price, and it’s lack of honest dealings with the public.”

    It’s = it is. The three instances of the word should all be “its” (belonging to it).

  • Rachelle

    Many thanks Jeremy, glad I could make you happy today. It’s all fixed up 🙂