Landlord Tips – Getting The Notice

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Depending on where your rental property is your tenant is required to give you up to 3 months notice that they are going to leave. In Ontario the notice period is two months. For other provinces you can check the Landlord & Tenant Legislation in your province.

Short Notice

Many tenants are under the impression that they can give one month’s notice. When they tell you that they are leaving at the end of the month, you should tell them that by law they have to give you two month’s notice. If they have been “challenging” tenants and you are happy to see them go, by all means let them leave early.

No Notice

This is known as a midnight move or skip. People don’t say anything and leave. You find out one of two ways that your tenant has left; someone else sees them move and tells you, or you don’t get the rent and eventually figure it out. A usual way to tell is when junk mail or flyers are piled up, then you can give legal notice to enter to verify that they have 100% left.

After The Notice

This is a time to prepare and start the rental process. You’ll want to start as early as possible so you don’t have to rush. As soon as you receive the notice, you’ll want to schedule a suite inspection. You’ll want to take care of those little outstanding issues like your landscaping, and possibly minor ensuite repairs. The optimum situation is for people to move in as the others move out. You also have to be realistic about this, years of experience have taught me that if the suite is dirty or messy, you are wasting your time. Sometimes to get the best possible tenants a renovation is called for. Occasionally, you’ll wish you had a Haz-Mat suit.

If you had a great tenant for a long time, you may be really sad to see them go and a little intimidated by the prospect of finding someone as good. Here’s your chance to assess the situation early and plan your next moves….

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  • Rebecca

    Hello Rachelle,

    I have 2 tenants renting a 2 bdrm unit. They both signed the same lease. There have been issues between the two of them and their lease is up 30 June 2012.

    I have received 1 of the tenant’s 60 days notice to move out, but not the other tenant’s notice (which would be due 30 April 2012).

    The tenant who has provided notice is wondering if this takes her off the lease regardless of him providing notice or not. I have never been in this situation before and could use a little advice.

    Thanks in advance.