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September 12th, 2010 · 31 Comments · Rental Property

This could be your place

In landlord news today from Rhode Island, this poor landlord who is enjoying the combined bliss of a deadbeat tenant and a medical marijuana grow op in her rental house. Rhode Island Landlord Protests Marijuana Growing Tenant. The author of the article seems to think the landlord should just chill out. Crazy upset landlord having to take on a second job or use her savings to subsidize the rent for her joint toking, much more easy going tenant.

Canadian Rules for Medical Marijuana Growing

Here’s the link to the consent form from Health Canada for Consent From The Property Owner

Form F – Consent of Property Owner

This form must be completed and signed by the property owner(s) when the proposed production site is not the ordinary place of residence of the applicant and is not owned by either the applicant or, where applicable, the designated person.

So basically how it reads to me is as long as your tenant lives in the house they don’t need your permission to grow weed.

If someone wants to rent the space to grow weed and not live there well then they need permission. Just lovely.

Main Problem with Marijuana for Property Owners

First is possible damage of the premises by the growing process, we can assume that Health Canada has adequate rules and methods to grow the plants safely without damaging the property. That’s a humongous assumption by the way. This is actually my greatest fear regarding grow operations. I’ve seen a few apartments that were turned into illegal growing operations and it wasn’t very pretty, there were damages to the electrical panel and lights strung everywhere. There wasn’t any mold in the places I saw but clearly this is also an extremely expensive risk.

Marijuana Reeks

To other people who don’t smoke pot, it smells very bad. If cannabis smokers smoked outside landlords would hate them less. Unless of course, the landlord partakes of the evil weed in which case you’d better share. Property managers are also uptight about pot smoke in buildings because they have to explain to the 85 year old senior who lives down the hall from you, what that funny smell is. They also have to calm down the mother of the 7 year old who has to walk through the cloud in the hall outside your door. So yeah, property managers pretty much hate pot smokers because they don’t need the extra work, and they can’t do much about all the complaints they get about it.

It’s Even Worse In a Duplex House

Ahhh the cheery smell of a freshly smoked joint coming right up the vents. How much better can your life get? Good luck finding two tenants who smoke weed and will live in peace. Tenant vs Tenant, you can relive your kindergarten years as they complain relentlessly about each other. Why is it that 9 of 10 times it seems to be the basement tenants who smoke too!

Smoke Outside, Dudes

Landlords are square,

We like to breathe air,

So go smoke outside,

of the place you reside.

What’s a Landlord To Do ?

The biggest problem is that these days even the police don’t care too much about the illegal pot smokers. Trafficking and grow ops are still. Taking this issue to the Landlord & Tenant Board will be a real stinker. First it’s hard to prove a smell, you’ll need documentation and proof, times and dates, notices and warning letters. You’ll need to be committed and organized about the process. For many landlords, certainly those in buildings it isn’t worth the trouble. I’ve certainly knocked on doors and had discussions with tenants about their habits disturbing other tenants.

Communal Living is Tough

Monitoring people so that they live together in peace is always difficult. Common sense is not common. Respect of others and their requirements is hard to legislate. Our job is further complicated by people needs in this case for medical treatment and sometimes for a good time. The weighing of one tenants’ rights against the other is delicate and obviously no one ends up happy.

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    • Natalie

      It’s been a problem for our family, since each and every floor in our apartment building stinks as pot smoke , and no one seems to care .Our 19 months old toddler wakes up at nights crying , and when we check on him the smell in his bedroom is terrible.I have no idea how ventilation system works in this particular building , but the smell seems to appear not in the whole apartment , but first in one bedroom, or from the hallway or bathroom than fast spreading all over the place. The police don’t bother to do anything about it ,the letter of notice from the landlord and the complaints don’t not seem to be effective .What do people like us have to do to have peaceful non disturbing living space for our kids to grow ? who are those people who vote for pot smoking legalization? don’t they even think about the growing generation?the consequences?Why should we be forced to move out from our apartments escaping the confrontation with the neighbors and landlord, spending more money out of our pocket , when those pot smokers do not care and keep doing what they do without being punished or stopped? where is the fairness and equality?

      • Rachelle

        It sucks but there are two ways to fix this, 1 – start lobbying and telling politicians and maybe eventually in about 100 years they will give landlords the right to kick people out who are doing these kinds of antisocial behaviours. See, your landlord knows that even with yours and other’s well documented complaints, you and other witnesses will need to testify in front of the Landlord & Tenant Board. Every incident needs to be recorded for months… time and date, property manager issues warning letter, again and again. Then finally the landlord can apply to kick them out, then in 99% of cases, the other tenant witnesses don’t show up. Still lets assume this case goes according to plan and the landlord is successful… there is no guarantee that the new tenants will be any better, they may be even worse. :0

        For you there is only one timely solution, rent a whole house or rent a section of a house with the owner living there, or rent in a new building with better ventilation like a new condo. And that’s why bad tenants are such a nightmare for landlords, we can’t get rid of them and we lose good tenants because of them.

  • Blaizin Wrinklz

    Ok, this is ridiculous. The smell of pot bugs you so kick out the evil pot smokers. First of all, pot is safer than peanuts, fact- no one has ever died from marijuana.
    Yes, I smoke pot, I just moved out of an apartment building, dogs pee the halls, cats spray, poo and needles in the playground, vehicles broken into, the smell of cury, disgusting, drunks in and out all hours of the night etc, etc, etc……….
    When it comes to pot smokers you just wanna kick them out or worse. Yes, some illegal, even legal operations are poorly set up and damages occur, there is also horders, violent destructive drunks, and people who have large indoor gardens, example- roses, room for preparing all you’re flower arrangements to make you’re yard look pretty, large scale indoor vegetable gardens, meth labs, etc……… in these rental properties/buildings.
    Marijuana doesn’t cause people to disrespect property owners, and if you think it does, you’re the idiot. There are assholes in all walks of life, but from experience, the majority of the marijuana culture is very respectful, quiet, clean, friendly, willing to help etc….
    By saying that marijuana users/growers are evil is discrimination, threats will not be tolerated, we have the right to choose to use one of the safest, yet most controversial drugs this world has ever seen. Read the side effects of any drug on the market, it’s safe. Stupid, ignorant, assholes are the problem. Not marijuana.

    • Rachelle

      You sound like the ideal tenant. I’m sure some landlord somewhere will find you a real gem.

      Just because you list all the other types of bad tenants out there doesn’t mean you aren’t one of them. They all have the common trend or inflicting their own business on someone else. FYI clouds of stinky smoke coming out of your place is inflicting your business on other people the vast majority of whom do not smoke pot or care to smell it.

      • TYERELL


        • Rachelle

          Really, I’m judgemental because I don’t want to smell your stinky dope? How about if I go to your house and cook my roasted red pepper, cabbage, fish soup? A little curry and we’ll be golden. I don’t care if you smoke dope, I just care that it smells like ass.

    • rob

      The problem is the smell makes some people sick. I lived in a place for over 3 years. 28 months I lived there before the people who smoke moved in . I moved out because the smell was giving me headaches. The tenants who smoke were nice people but they deal to others and the smell got to me so I feel that a place with a nonsmoking lease should be allowed to evict someone who smokes weed. The place I live in now will not rent to anyone who smokes weed even off property. They even require tenants that smoke cigarettes to smoke off property.

    • Nonsmoking Mama

      I agree with Blaizin Wrinklz.. that marijuana are not bad people. That’s not the issue if you are good people or not. The issue as the landlord- what do I tell the people with asthma, or kids breathing in the marijuana or the seniors complaining. Cant you open a window or be discrete. Its that simple. You are not a landlord so you could give a hoot. Am I right Blaizin. I enjoyed reading your reply. Thanks.

      • Rachelle

        Yep nothing personal but it smells bad to non smokers. I don’t want to breathe in your cheap cologne either. IF it stinks I’d rather not smell it.

  • Blaizin Wrinklz

    I have an excellent repour with my current and previous landlords, I am a hardworking, tax paying individual. I contribute to the economy like anyone else.
    Just because I choose marijuana over alcohol or pharmicudicals, doesn’t make me a bad person.
    You’re mind is clouded, I harm no people. I could by a bottle of rye and beat my kids, but I don’t, I smoke a joint and play mousetrap, does that make me bad

    • Rachelle

      Pot stinks up the place, not everyone who drinks rye beats their kids and not every pot smoker is a upstanding citizen.

      Are you are that last year a landlord had his investment property seized by the province for having a grow op in it?

      As far as I’m concerned you can do what you want but pot smoking is extremely disturbing to other tenants who do not choose to smoke pot. If people smoked on their balconies where the reek of pot didn’t pervade the entire building and disturb other tenants many of whom have children that they do not wish to be exposed to the smell and chemicals in second hand pot smoke I really wouldn’t care.

      • Offended

        Unfortunately, smoking on balconies in apartment buildings is just as bad or worse since it comes directly into bedroom and living room windows in large clouds of smoke and wakes my children and me up from a dead sleep in the middle of the night because we are choking on it. Not to mention I AM getting high from it (more than likely my kids are too). When I have to close the windows and sufficate from lack of air circulation and fresh air… That’s hardly fair….

    • mob barley

      Blazin wrinklz keep it up. I completely agree with you and I myself am the same. Although we try, it’s like beating a dead horse trying to get through to people that refuse to see it any other way but their own. Thanks and props to people like you with ‘unclouded minds’

  • K

    I have to agree with Blaizin Wrinklz here… The author of this article as well as the people commenting on it thus far soun extremely uneducated and misinformed on the subject. Just because you rent instead of own a property doesn’t mean you should have no individual rights or freedoms. The MMAR program was started and continues to grow because marijuana is the least harmful medicine on the market right now, and the law-abiding, tax-paying citizens who are lucky enough to have been signed as a medical user should not be looked down upon or discriminated against like this article suggests. We have rights too, and at least some are taking the time to do it legally instead of bringing black-market drug dealers into the building and risking their own safety and that of the other tenants so much more. You people need to open your eyes, and realize that the majority of the population either uses narcotics (prescription or otherwise) or alcohol on a daily basis, meaning a plant that grows naturally and that NO ONE has ever died from should be the least of your worries. If you have enough time on your hands to post of forums like this, take that same amount of time to read up on the facts: I will recommend…

    • Rachelle

      You have rights and the landlord also has rights. One of those rights is not to rent to pot smokers. While some smokers are medical marijuana users with actual medical problems there is a whole lot of scammers who claim to be using medical marijuana who are not medical marijuana users. Every pot smoker out there wants a license to smoke freely. Just because something is a medication doesn’t mean it’s good for everyone.

      The majority of the population doesn’t use substances to cope with daily life. That’s just not true.

      Lots of plants grow naturally but it doesn’t mean you should smoke/ingest them. Belladonna is plant, coca is a plant, amanita is a mushroom but it doesn’t make them good for you. There’s probably 5 plants around or in the average house that will kill you stone dead.

  • K

    From what I could tell, this article had more to do with the growing of the marijuana than it did the smoking of it. If the building is advertised and rented as a non-smoking building (meaning for cigarettes too), and the landlord has tenants sign a lease saying they won’t smoke, then yes I suppose that person is technically breaching that agreement and could/should be given warnings and/or an eviction notice if it really was disturbing all these other tenants that much (which I find it hard to believe). The tenant should be responsible for minimizing any smells (via filters, using vaporizers instead of smoking, smoking on the balcony, etc), I agree. But these are all issues with a tenant failing to abide by the terms of their lease at worst, not ruining peoples lives like this article implies. Medical marijuana users already have enough negative stigma associated with their choice of medicine, and writings like this don’t help that is all.

  • Blaizin Wrinklz

    I get allergic reactions, stuffy and migraines from fresh hay, does that mean my neighbor shouldn’t cut his grass.
    I can’t stand the smell of most ethnic food, does that mean they should only eat American food.

    Relax, eat a brownie 🙂 there is worse things in this world to stress about,

  • MarkH

    So u gonna throw peeps out on the streets for cooking curry too?

  • Rachelle

    Rachelle you have some serious issue’s to deal with.

  • mhz

    I live in a shared house with a few rooms rented out. Some of the tenants are pot smokers, and the smell is disgusting!

    Rachelle, I totally agree with your point on reeking Marijuana. It annoys me to no end that I have to second-hand smoke their drug habits. I believe that the landlord has the RIGHT to kick those selfish bastards out.

    Now to all those ignorant pot smokers in denial of the health risks of Marojuana, here is some proper research quoting:

    “According to the American Cancer Society, marijuana smokers have a cancer rate two to three times higher than those who do not smoke marijuana. There are about 400 chemicals and chemical compounds found in marijuana smoke, at least 33 of which are known carcinogens. Marijuana delivers these tars at levels which are four times higher than that of tobacco smoke. Cancer, emphysema, heart disease and many other ailments have been linked to the inhalation of these harmful chemicals.”

    So if you pot smokers still think you are on the right side of everything and the world should revolve around you, think again! You are some little self-centered bastards smoking away your money and future.

  • jax

    I live in a condo building,I must endure the reek of pot every 2 hours day and night. I am surrounded on all sides by smokers and I myself am not a smoker. I HATE the stench it makes me furious every time,my bedroom stinks my clothes in my closet stink,we own our condo and other owners in here have rented to these assholes who smoke day and night. Always amazed me how these welfare recipients could lay around all day smoking weed and afford to rent in a building it takes our 2 incomes to afford to buy a unit in. Perhaps they are supplementing their incomes selling the green stuff they so desire. I just know I am sick to death of smelling it,it is revolting to those of us who do not partake.I think we would just appreciate some courtesy,PLEASE go for a walk away from the bilding to smoke the skunk!!!!!

    • rob

      There are a lot pot smokers who hold down jobs.
      don’t assume that the only people who use pot are on welfare. The point is you have to understand your rights end where someone else’s begins.

  • duke

    take a walk a do ur smokin be kind to the neighbours!