Latest City of Toronto AirBnb Short Term Rental Rules

November 9th, 2017 · 2 Comments · Rental Property

Well here it is, the City of Toronto’s New Short Term Rental Rules I suggest getting a full glass of cheap whisky because it’s 30 pages of completely unenforceable rules and regulations about short term rentals.

Whack A Mole

  1. AirBnb
  2. Craigslist
  3. Kijiji
  4. Mls
  5. Viewit
  6. Zumper
  7. Padmapper
  8. Booking
  9. Backpage
  10. Rent Compass
  11. Are you getting the picture that there is more websites offering this service than you can shake a stick at?

The city can get a couple of thousand bucks for fees and licensing but that’s it.


So there is this guy I love on twitter that spends his evenings reporting illegal AirBnb’s in the city of Vancouver.



He reports the people running illegal AirBnb’s to the city and more importantly Canada Revenue.  It’s sweetly naive.

The City of Toronto has done the same as Vancouver making rules about short term rentals but without some dedicated enforcement it’s just semantics.

For instance they say…

  • People may rent their entire home while they are away for a maximum of 180 nights per year.

So how do you enforce this?  and do the houses stay empty for the rest of the year? that seems counterproductive no?

I’m not a fan of short term rentals, I’m a fan of great long term tenants that pay in full and on time.  That’s a business model I’ve seen work for thousands of landlords. Hotels are also a business model that works. I’ve learned to stay far away from supposed get rich quick ideas. We are desperate for decent housing for people who live here, and hotels stay empty while short term rental landlords hobby rent their properties. It’s insane.

The issue as always is enforcement, and so with this 30 page proposal, how many additional staff are going to be hired to makes sure the rules are followed? We already know from Vancouver that AirBnb is not going to enforce the rules for the city, and we know the city is not enforcing the AirBnB rules and that’s just one of many websites.

It’s not enough to cut down thousands of trees to make stacks of rule books, there has to be following through of those rules and as Vancouver residents looking for affordable accommodation have found, violators apparently get a letter. Not sure that is effectively going to stop people.

Lipservice and placating – Popular at City Hall


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