Matchmaking Is Cool

September 29th, 2012 · 5 Comments · Personal House, Property Management, Rental Property

A while back I wrote about a difficult property on Elgin Street in Oshawa. In spite of the difficulties involved in the search I’m pleased to report that a wonderful family was found to live in and enjoy this exceptional property.

Reclaiming Lost Property – Landlord Hard Work

Sometimes it seems like people just hate landlords for “taking advantage of poor tenants” but in fact landlords do a really important job. In many cases and this was one, they will buy and renovate a distressed property and give it a new lease on life. This is valuable work. Then a new family can live in the space where it’s warm and dry rather than in the snowbank with their baby where it’s cold and wet.

Finding A Good Match

It feels really good to find that really good tenant and pair them with a nice landlord.  Respect is mutual and everything goes smooth as silk. Walking away from the property with a conviction that you did a good job and that there will be no problems is priceless.

Another Property, Signed, Sealed, Delivered…Awesomesauce!



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  • Cudjoe

    Keep up with your informative site.

  • Michael

    Rachelle, just a quick thanks for your dilligence and assistance in weeding out the riff raff on this one. It is nice to know that there are other people who care and appreciate the hard work that us non slumlords do and just don’t look to make a quick buck with finding any tenant to fill the void. Kudos!!

  • Cat

    You are a Goddess! The info on this site is good no matter where you are a landlord! Thanks soooooo much! i am bookmarking and keeping up with this site! Maybe I’ll even tell my TFH story!