Mayor Ford – Crackhead Edition

November 2nd, 2013 · 1 Comment · Weird Landlord News

Your Face on DrugsRob Ford, I actually feel sorry for the guy. He’s lied his last lie I think. Crackhead is just not a good image for a politician. I do have to admit, that I was more ashamed of his not going to the Gay Pride Parade than I am of him smoking crack, getting drunk and feeling up the ladies. (Not that he remembers) Clearly he has a lot invested in the whole mayor gig so the painful awareness of what he has become is going to eventually percolate into his thick numb skull.

Anyways I can’t say it any better than this Taiwanese Animation. In case you were wondering if Toronto was the laughingstock of the world, we are. Perhaps Rob Ford can become a tourist attraction, we can dress him in a Pillsbury Dough Boy suit and let people tickle him for money. Then maybe we can get those pesky pot holes fixed once and for all.


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  • Fritz

    I still think of this every time I see him, and sadly, he’s heading the same direction as Chris did, but he’s not as funny.