Why Can’t Menkes Fix A Dishwasher ?

March 10th, 2014 · 2 Comments · Property Management, Rental Property

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I manage a number of brand new condos and one of them is at 215 Sherway Gardens Road, Toronto, Ontario. So the apartment was rented and the tenant moved in and the very first time she went to use her dishwasher it started flooding her apartment.  This was on February 16th 2014. So I call the Menkes telephone number on Tuesday, the first weekday after Family Day to get someone to repair the dishwasher. It is after all a brand new condo. When I call them I give them the tenant’s telephone number so they can communicate directly to make an appointment to do the repair/look at the problem. I am happy because Menkes actually said they could send someone by that day to look at the problem but first they have to call her.

This is the email I sent the tenant…

I contacted the building and they will go by your place today to deal with the water leaking. They will call you to confirm an appointment.


Illegal Entry

After a few days of not hearing any news I assume it’s been taken care of.  February 20th I get an email from the tenant asking me for an update on the repair, I ask her if Menkes has been in touch and she says no. I’m thinking in my head, I hope they haven’t entered the suite without her permission because they were pretty serious about fixing the leak. Then I give her the number for Menkes and she calls them and there is no record of my call.

So I sent this email to customer care…

Dear Customer Care,

Tuesday I called in about a leaking dishwasher in the above suite. I gave the telephone representative the resident’s telephone number for contact. She assured me she would call and repair the problem. Today the resident who is cc’d on this email called me to find out what the status of the repair was. She had not been contacted by anyone. I advised her that I had been told that the building would be in touch with her and had said to me they would try to perform the repair that day. I hoped that the repair had not been completed and that the building had not made the mistake of entering the suite without making some kind of contact with the resident.

The resident just called your office only to be told that no call had ever been made to their office about a dishwasher leak. This is untrue as I reported it myself.

It would please me greatly if Menkes would at this point figure out what is going on and email the resident and let her know when the dishwasher will be fixed. Sooner rather than later.

Many Thanks,

Rachelle Berube
President – Landlord Rescue Inc.

After this email we found out that Menkes staff had entered illegally and assessed the problem and determined that it was a drain hose.

Response To Tenant From Menkes

Further to our conversation, I wish to express our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience to you.  We assure you that going forward, Customer Care staff will not enter the suite without the express written consent of the Property Owner.  We regret the misunderstanding, however, we acted on the direction provided by Rachelle Berube to address the reported leak without delay to avoid potential damage.  This has been an unfortunate situation and we will endeavour to improve the communication in this regard.

In short they blamed me.

After that they gave me Transglobe’s number because my tenant had been abusive to them. So I called Transglobe and made arrangements with them to fix the dishwasher today March 10th 2013

Today’s Illegal Entry #2 Incident – Dishwasher Still Not Fixed

So today the tenant gets home, and finds a notice on her door stating that the technician came by but according to their records the issue was repaired on Friday March 7th 2014. The tenant calls the building and they say that I gave them permission. Except I haven’t spoken to them since February.

According to the technician, he tried to call both of us and neither of I or the tenant have a record of these supposed calls.

Obviously the tenant is really upset, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like it if building staff lied, went into your unit and claimed you never called. I am also unhappy.


The dishwasher is still not working almost a month later.




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  • M-

    Wait, so if I’m hearing this right, after two unlawful entries, they still haven’t managed to fix the dishwasher?

    Sounds like their tech is as incompetent as their scheduling people.

    It sounds like there needs to be better management of the master keys in the building.

    Correct me if I’m wrong here, but the following people have keys to the tenant’s suite:
    -Building (?)
    -Menkes (? … I hope not!)

    And in this case, it sounds like the Building allowed Menkes into the suite unlawfully not once, but twice.

    Shame on Menkes for not following through and calling the tenant. Twice.

    Shame on the Building for letting anyone in who claims to have authority.

    It sounds like you (or the owner) need to set the Building straight on key management, and put an end to this loosey-goosey key management.

    -An access log that the Building fills out every time a tech wants access to the suite. Verify and mark down the tech’s ID, the reason for access, and who authorized the access.
    -If Rachelle authorized access, the Building must call Rachelle to confirm (if unsuccessful, the tech gets turned away). Or Rachelle can inform the building ahead of time that she’s authorized access.
    -If the Tenant authorized access, Building can call Tenant or Rachelle.
    -Rachelle, when contracting Menkes, needs to ask the Tenant to call/email her back once contacted by Menkes, to confirm the time (and so that she can authorize access with the Building). And Rachelle needs to tell Menkes to call her back after contacting the tenant (so that she can authorize access to the Building, in case the tenant forgot to call her back, or so that she can verify Menkes’ story with Tenant).
    -Make sure that Menkes (and any other contractors) know that if they show up without calling you back, they will be denied entry.
    -Make sure the Building is aware that they are to deny entry to any contractor whose authorization can’t be verified.
    -Part of the Building’s protocol must be to leave a note in Tenant’s mailbox informing them of access to the suite at X:XX time on X date, by X company, authorization confirmed with (Rachelle/Tenant) at X:XX time.
    -And whoever’s got the keys at the building has to sign off that they followed procedure.

    At the Building’s level, it’s more work that way, but not *that* much. If Tenant/Rachelle informs Building ahead of time, then it’s just a minute or two for the Building to fill out an access log and leave a “we were here” note.

    If the tech shows up without Rachelle/Tenant having contacted the building, now it’s a pain in the ass, and the chances of the tech walking away without access is higher. Building will whine about it to you, Tech will do the same. Menkes will call you next time, rather than be turned away.

    I just looked up Menkes… I was assuming they were an appliance company, but it turns out they’re a developer. Do they have keys to individual suites? That’s a big problem if they do.

    Regardless of what happens from here, I’d try to get a sit-down meeting with somebody in a senior management position at Menkes. Once is bad enough, but can be written off an a mistake. Two illegal entries is unacceptable, and somebody in that company needs to be sanctioned or fired for allowing it to happen.

    Three months ago there was an unlawful entry in my rental suite– genuine mistake, I believe, but highlights the need for better access documentation. In my case, the institutional landlord’s employee was bringing a contractor to an empty suite for some repairs, but messed up the suite number, and ended up walking in on my wife. Needless to say, I made a very big deal out of it. Had I been present at the time, I’m sure I would’ve been (verbally) abusive to the people unlawfully entering the suite.

    Sorry for the long rant!

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