My Mental Hospital is Full

August 31st, 2017 · Tell Me What You Really Think Here · Property Management

August is the busiest time of year for us rental agent/property managers. Last night I was up late because I closed a lease late, after waiting around for an appliance delivery from 11-3.

This morning I was tired, my car was out of gas, and I was halfway to Oshawa when I realized I did not have the lease I was going there to sign.

Dina called me while mediating the latest iteration of a multi year tenant dispute. Yep you read that right, a multi year tenant dispute. She’s tells me “My mental hospital is full !” and I started to laugh, and laugh and laugh. I laughed for so long my stomach hurt, but a good kind of hurt that I needed because my mental hospital was also full.

Patient A & B

The multiyear tenant dispute is hard to deal with and the result of the tenants just hating each other combined with the stress and strain of community living. There is just something about duplexes, that leads to a lot of tenant disputes that you don’t see in apartment buildings or condo buildings. There is something about sharing a house, that seems to increase territoriality in tenants.

We get long emails from each party alleging issues that can’t be proven, or aren’t actionable.  So it goes on and on, year after year.

Patient C & D

I had a lovely couple move into a fantastic condo, and claim there was a horrific cockroach infestation and mold. The owner lived there for 7 years in a condo and obviously never saw a cockroach, although we will freely admit to a lack of cleaning behind the washer dryer unit and oven. Anyhow I just got a message to come and pick up the keys.

Patient E

When a landlord asks you on a rental application if you have been evicted…

Yes ; because of the legal delay caused by the multiple fires at _____________ due to the electrical faults of the house wiring of the landlord, I missed my first ODSP hearing and then I was too far behind financially to pay for both food and rent for my apartment that was medically necessary for my physical functional impairment disabilities. During the LTB hearing, my doctor, ____________ gave expert testimony of my substantial risk, saying that I was not strong enough physically to withstand moving and also that there were no environmentally safe housing options open for me to move to anywhere in Ontario. A LTB Adjudicator without any medical training made a decision before I could solve the ODSP legal issues. Upon being evicted and unable to find any safe housing that is correct for my disabilities, I almost lost my life twice in the last year.I have used my military survival training that I was fortunate to receive in the 90’s during minus 40 degrees weather, camping outdoors in Algonquin Park, plus other extremely advanced mind-over-matter strategies to save my life. Since the mid-80’s I have trained with many of the finest doctors in the world and from 1988 to 1991, I was the manager for an international teaching doctor who gave me accolades for “doing the impossible”

Patient F & his stalkers

This lovely man moved in to a lovely house. He claims that there are people who are following him from place to place, talking to him and I have to kick them out. There are no other people that anyone else can see. It just makes me sad.

Patient G

This ladies application was turned down and after multiple calls from her & her boyfriend I was going to allow her mom to co-sign the lease for her.

It was a big no from mom, because what if she moves again, landlords are shysters, and she doesn’t want to be on the hook for it. If your mom won’t sign for you… you got problems.

Patient H & I

Dina & Rachelle, your friendly property managers, soon to be in straight jackets, it’s the new de rigeur wardrobe for property managers on the go.

Tomorrow is another day, and some of my patients will be discharged, and Dina and I will be ready for new challenges and the occasional new admission.

We manage properties, so you don’t have to. 🙂




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