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June 23rd, 2014 · 2 Comments · Testimonial

Smouldering Heart of the BluesAt Landlord Rescue we like to treat clients the way we want to be treated. Reasonable prices, great service, no hidden charges or excess fees.  You own the property and you should know everything about what your manager is up to. On the other hand you also need competent professional people to guide you in your decision making process and if necessary make immediate decisions if required to save your property from damage.


Hi Paul,

I highly recommend Rachelle as a property manager.

Rachelle was managing three of my investment properties in Mississauga. I sold two properties, so she is currently managing one of them.I interviewed several property managers and finally decided to go with Rachelle for the following main reasons:
    • Her property management fee is reasonable. Some property management firms wanted 8-10%/mo. Also, she did not charge me anything more for acting as my agent for tax purposes [I live in the U.S]
    • Her property management agreement is very straightforward. After the initial one year period the agreement is month-to-month, which can be terminated within 30 days notice. [You can also terminate it within the one-year period mutually.] My previous property manager had me sign a 1-year agreement each renewal and required the PM fee to be paid up-front.
    • Rachelle sends me an invoice each month and I pay only for that month
    • Rachelle uses dropbox to organize all of my rental documents, invoices, etc. It makes it easier to access all of the documents from one place whenever I need to
    • If any repairs are needed Rachelle makes sure I ok the quote. After the repair is completed she then sends me the invoice for payment. My tenants really appreciate that, since there is no delay in waiting for my payment and then sending someone out to fix anything.
    • Rachelle is very knowledgeable on landlord/tenant law in Ontario. She has been very patient in answering any of my questions, since things are done very different in the U.S.
    • Most importantly, Rachelle is easy to get a hold of. She responds very quickly to emails. She has even emailed and called me back on Sundays.

So far, it’s been a positive experience with Rachelle managing my properties in Mississauga. If you have any specific questions, feel free to send me an email.

All the best.

The Landlord Rescue Difference

We have the simplest strategy ever.  Get great tenants. Relax.
We have the simplest billing strategy ever. 5% for management and 1 month’s rent for rentals.
Here’s a list of the bullshit charges I don’t charge.
  • Set up fees
  • Inspections fees
  • Move in and out inspections
  • NR-6 or Foreign Investor Agent

We rarely charge project management fees and only with your agreement and approval.

In fact if we rent an apartment/house for you we don’t charge you management when the property is vacant or for the first month of the tenancy.

It’s great deal and we’re expanding our portfolio so we’d love to hear from you. 416-880-4126





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