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In December I published this post about a problem tenant in Landlord & Tenant Wars. The problem can be summed in a few words, the tenant is a bully who thinks he can do whatever he likes. At that point there was a lot to be grateful for, at least he was paying his rent.

The owner was stressed out and wanted me to do the management. So far she’s lost at least 2 good tenants because to quote one of the other tenants “He’s vindictive” The tenant who had her door was blocked in this photo has given notice.

Landlord & Tenant Board

In December I served him with two notices, one for impaired safety and the other for disturbing other tenant’s quiet enjoyment.  I also gave him a notice that stated he had to pay the rent to me, which he refused to do even though the owner’s in Florida. I then had the owner give me  Letter of Direction which is the legal form for making him do it and on January 1st he gave me a check for the owner so I gave him an N-4 for non payment of rent.

Combined Applications

One nice thing about the Ontario Landlord & Tenant Board is the ability to combine applications for the same fee. So I waited until the N-4 was ready to be filed and I sent the entire package to Jeff Shabes the paralegal to apply for the hearing. So three applications and one fee of $170.

The whole issue with the large locker is that it blocks access for the other tenant, he puts a heater or something in there at night, it holds his goalie equipment and stinks up the entire common area. I cited the Fire Code as a reason for him to get his stuff out of the space. Not to mention the hazard if a giant plastic box caught fire in the common area.

So to recap, last month he didn’t pay rent and this month he refused to give me rent again.

The hearing date is March 3rd…by then the other good tenant will have left and he will owe $3600.

Fire Inspector

Because I cited the Fire Code, the tenant called in the Fire Inspector. There’s a few things wrong that we are working on. Sure it’s expensive, but one thing landlords don’t realize is that if a fire happens and your not up to date on your fire safety…your insurance company doesn’t pay.

So far we’ve changed out all the smoke detectors for combined smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and bought a fire extinguisher.

One of my great previous tenants owned a company called Galaxy Fire Protection. So I gave him a call and he’s doing very well for himself. He gave me a great price on putting in the new fire alarms and I told him during our work that I write online for small landlords. He generously offered to give anyone who calls and mentions Landlord Rescue a 15% discount on required work. I don’t get anything except good karma. His number is 416-230-7848.

20 Minute Fire Doors

I also learned something new about fire doors today from the fire inspector. There’s one suite door in the building that has an odd size, it’s short and not very wide. So when the building was upgraded it was left for some reason probably because ordering the fire rated door would take too long. Of course it’s the door to the basement apartment. This may have been mentioned as One of The Reasons I Hate Basement Apartments.

Fire Retrofit Door Skins

I discovered a door skin from Fire Safety Technologies which is a product that you apply to regular doors to give them the 20 Minute Fire Protection Rating. It’s much easier than changing the door, especially in old buildings where there’s no 90 degree angle in sight. Or in this case where the door is a weird size. Plus, you can save money which is great. I’m not sure why such a great product is only available in the Brampton Lowes or maybe from some other stores. It should be available in every single building supply store in Canada and the USA.

The Fire Alarm Installation

During the fire alarm installation the tenant would not open the door even though he was sitting in the living room. He then proceeded to tell me that I was not very smart when I had the wrong kind of fire alarm. He told me that I should have consulted with him first before getting the work done. This guy sounds so much like the our Other Problem Tenant Case Study Romero Aguilera that the owner saw the article and thought it was her tenant.

Of course the tenant saw fit to tell me what a horrible landlord he had. I mentioned that if you have such a horrible landlord, you should probably move. He’s been there for years now so I’m thinking that it’s not so bad. It always blows me away when you hear tenants proclaiming how horrific their place is, not pay rent and stay for months.

What makes me feel bad about the whole situation is the landlord. Usually I make the landlord money or save them money. In this case, the tenant isn’t paying rent, the Fire Inspector is requiring a bunch of work and that’s costing money so I’m not happy about that. It’s hard to look good when you’re bleeding red ink.

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