And So What Is Up With Real Estate These Days?

October 4th, 2012 · 6 Comments · Weird Landlord News

Trauma & Drama. That’s the news.

Emily Mathieu of the Star is covering Nina Willis the predatory tenant from hell and lo and behold this fraud artist is unbelievably being criminally charged for fraud This news and the recent judgement and condemnation of the current legal loopholes by Justice Matlow leads me to believe that there may well be a light at the end of the tunnel for landlords.

The REIN Cultists Are Looking For Converts

Fresh from my email this morning…

“So, we’ve had a ton of calls into the REIN™ office over the past few weeks about the upcoming ACRE™ Live events in Edmonton and Vancouver…with so much confusion and misinformation in the media around real estate, more and more entrepreneurs want the facts.

For over 20 years we have done just that…deliver the straight facts when it comes to real estate – none of the hype, none of the headlines, just REAL information and proven strategies you can use to create RESULTS.”

As usual you can count on REIN to bring you the smarmiest in utter bullshit but it’s trademarked. Here’s some pictures of Don Campbell before and after attending…

Nobody is confused about the real estate market as it sputters through it’s last gasps of insanity. Nobody who isn’t in the business of marketing  memberships that is… Maybe if you are confused, you should hire some people that actually study the real estate market, people who attended school and study statistics. Those people were sounding the alarm several years ago. Here’s a current report from Ben Rabidoux, who would have thought we could have a handsome economist?

I’m in Shape – Round is a Shape

Perhaps more importantly in the news, I’ve decided to diet. My better half also needs to diet. His Dr. suggested the South Beach diet.I went and bought this book, lots of vegetables and a big mac delicious healthy salad. So if you too feel like you could afford to lose some weight, buy the book.


Anyways I’ve been at it a whole day and I haven’t even cheated so I’m all good.

Happy Thursday Everybody !


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  • Nathalie

    Wow, those horrible tenants are so crazy.. and the law is even crazier. You’d think that none of the people at LL own a property they rent out nor possess any common sense. Why don’t they just require a tenant who files an appeal to pay with guaranteed funds? Like a certified check/money order or cash? It costs like $5 to certify a check!! Stupid idiots over there. How about I give the LL a check for a million dollars and then put a stop payment on it.. wow now they’ll have a NSF charge lol.. If we all do that maybe they’ll go bankrupt.. there’s now law against giving them fake checks for no services rendered, right? 😉

    Anyways.. it’s great you’re getting into shape Rachelle 🙂 I just started working out 1 month ago and lost 9 lb so far. I am tracking my eating habits and exercise at and love the way it keeps me accountable. Maybe you should try it too, it’s really motivating to see others working at the same thing 🙂

    • Rachelle

      Yeah well thank god there are so many fantastic tenants out there too and that these bottom of the barrel types are not representative of all tenants. These ones are the bottom of the barrel.

      9lbs eh…thats really awesome. 🙂

  • Law Firms

    Thanks for the insight! I want to know more. What are the options when someone has become the victim of fraud alerts? Does law address this?

  • Denise

    I am still in shock from the horrible drug addicts that flew in under my radar.
    I hope I can trust again:)
    That being said:
    …… diet is die with a T