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July 9th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Blogging Journey, Tenant Resources

I wrote an excellent post for Money Smarts Blog called 10 Resources to Check Before You Rent. Tenants should also do their due diligence before they rent. You’ll be paying your landlord thousands of dollars for housing. Make sure that you’ll get your money’s worth rather than aggravation.

Some places aren’t worth living in.

Landlords should also check these resources, you don’t want to be the last to know what people are saying about your building.

I’m back from vacation now, but I’m tired from having so much fun!


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  • Chris

    I moved into this apartment april 1st. Prior to signing the lease, one of the long time tenant assured me that the Property Managment were great and did not waste time at fixing issues. When I met with the property manager, she assured me the same, I only had 30 minutes til I had to go back to work so she said to take my time in the next couple of days and go over the apartment and write down any issues if applicable. I signed the lease. My husband and I went through the apartment and found a couple of issues. Leaky laundry taps (not caused by the hose hooked up to the washer), burned and cracked outlets. those were just some of the issues. We contacted the property manager and her response was that everything was working fine before and that I hadn’t reported any issues before signing the lease. about a week later, I set up my office in one of the spare bedrooms and found that 2 out of 3 outlets were not working, I checked the other spare room and found that 1 out 3 outlets wasn’t working. I then again contacted the property manager and her comments were “you never seem happy so if you want we can give you your first and last and move out” at that point we were moved in and was not about to spend more money in moving cost and trying to find a place so we requested to have the issues fixed. The laundry tap was fixed. They aknowledged that there was an electrical issue (still not fixed), they also found that there was a water issue in the finished basement livingroom (still not fixed). Before signing the lease, I asked about CO detectors, she said she wasn’t aware of the new law and would look into it. (still no CO detector).
    What should we do?

    Thank you