Successful Tenant Rent Collections in Ontario

September 24th, 2017 · 2 Comments · Property Management, Rental Property


Rent Collection Checks

I told all you readers a while back that I would be performing an experiment to challenge the idea that continuing to try to collect rent from deadbeats after they have moved out is throwing good money after bad. That picture is the three checks I got from the paralegal from old tenants that were evicted, all for non payment. I was told this for a long time when I worked in buildings and in property management.

It’s a lie. So far I have doing very well, with very little bullshit chasing them around for money. It’s really refreshing after begging and cajoling for years in some cases, to just be able to seize a bank account or garnish a wage. All of these checks are seizure and garnishment checks and I have recovered my legal fees as well.

I’m really happy I did this experiment, so far we are enroute to collecting on all the Orders.  This year I’ve had several people skip out inexplicably in the middle of the lease one after one month in the place. That is going to court as well.

In fact it’s going so well, that if you have any tenants who have ripped you off, and you aren’t going to follow through with collection of any kind, I would love it if you would assign the Order to me so I can follow up and try to collect. It’s a good debt for up to 6 years.

Keep in mind, I am putting up my real money or the owner’s real money to collect on these debts. You must pay the paralegal up front, and depending on how much work he has to do, it can be $500 to $1500 or more you have to pay. In any case, if you don’t plan to do anything, please pass it over so I can shell out some justice, Landlord Rescue style. Frankly if more landlords followed though these tenants would just have to stop.

The paralegal I am using for this Small Claims work is Masoud of or you can call him at 416-880-4600.

Happy Collecting


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