Tenant Concern Emails

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Here’s some tenant concerns.

Property Showings

I gave 60 days notice to move out. The rental agent has been giving me a 24 notice for every single weekday, even though she only shows it about once every 2 weeks. That means I have to get up and be sure to take a shower & be ready for 9-5 every weekday, even though she may not bring anyone in all week. The notices are given ahead of time, one listing Mon, Tues, Wed. A second notice is given for Thurs & Friday. That way if someone shows up at her office she can walk them right over. I’m retired so at home most of the time. Is this allowed?

The answer is, this is stupid. First it’s not 24 hour notice for showing your apartment, all she needs to do is try to contact you. Second notices like this are silly because the idea of giving notice is to let people know that you’re coming in, and as you noted, she doesn’t actually come in. So she’s wasting paper, annoying you, and not really giving you the information you need. Here’s the Landlord & Tenant Board Brochure on Rules for property showings.

I would suggest you speak to her and let her know your concerns. If you’d like to have a lie in, I’d suggest that you tell her that she can come in any afternoon just call first. I assume she already calls first anyhow.

Landlord From Hell – Edited For Legibility

My boyfriend David has lived in this basement apt for 20 years and I have lived there with him for about 5 years. Our landlord is a slum landlord that has a 4 million dollar house for sale and many properties and a ranch of cottages. The apt which was bought by her about 10 years ago was cut up.into rooms and bachelor basement apartments. She charges us $526 for our bachelor basement which has mold and no fire escape and the other apts the same as ours pay $1000. She has taken us to court lots of times and we have always won. One time we were in our yard and she said why aren’t you in court because she sent the court papers to Royal York South not Royal York Rd. We went to the tribunal and got it fixed and went court.

On Thursday May 4, without any notice, the sheriff came to our door saying that “We are evicted” I was at work, my boyfriend came to my work with our two small dogs and told me this. I said “For what?” So here goes the story, we had an electrical panel in our unit that has hydro meters and the breakers. We had kept our cabinet and t.v. in front of it.  Hydro men came in measured the hydro reading and everything was always fine. In 2012 she built a wooden door covering it with a lock on it with our things still in there.  My boyfriend took off the lock to get our things out and put a latch on the door which she said was fine and we could keep our things still in there.  It was fine.  My boyfriend gave her the lock back intact.

In Aug of 2016, she told us that she is moving some of the hydro meters outside. We have till the end of the week to remove our cabinets and t.v. out of there which we said was fine. I came home the next day after work and saw that my things were thrown all over the apartment. My speakers were damaged. I went outside and saw a man working out there. I asked him if someone has broken into my unit and he had said that the landlord came in and thrown all my stuff out of there. He said he is a landlord and would never have done something like that to one of his tenants. 

So when we got evicted last Thursday we didn’t know why so we went to Etobicoke South Tenants Lawyers and they didn’t have the file either. They had on file us asking about when she built the wooden door blocking the electrical panels taking up part of our unit in 2012. We went to the tribunal on St Clair to pick up our file and it said that we put the building in danger by taking off the lock. This happened 4 years ago. She doesn’t worry about the people living there with no fire escape. Anyways she swore to the judge that we paid our rent late in 2016. I keep all my files and I pay by money order so I have all my money order bills from 2014 in a file. The newer ones I haven’t filed but found two that stated that we paid before the month was finished for the first for which she claimed that we paid late for those months. My boyfriend didn’t grab anything when the sheriff came because it was a shock.

She stole all of our new ones from the cabinets so she filed this court order in Feb to evict us and that if we stay in March we have to pay her 17 dollars a day and 200 for the broken lock which was not broken. We never got any of the court papers because she put different postal code 2 streets away from us and didn’t slip the other court papers under the door so within the 72 hours that we had to get our things she would only let my boyfriend get into the unit and I could not get my medications I needed. For 2 days we had to call the police because she would not let us in during our 72 notice so we went to the tribunal and had an interim order put in to freeze the case.  We did not know anything about this so they did freeze it till our court date. I served her with the papers and then on Monday the court informed us the interim is changed that she has to keep the rest of our things safe. But she went the same day as the sheriff evicted us and had some have a new lease to move in so someone is in our unit right now.

I lost both my parents by the age of 23 to cancer my boyfriend has no family. I am 34 years old, we both work. The only family I have is in Brampton which we are staying with right now. I took one week vacation from work but I’m going to have to travel 2 hours each way to work. We tried to find an apartment for this weekend but nothing available in the area close to work  that we want.

One day, internet guys came to my place to set up the internet for me and she wouldn’t let them without my boyfriend there and they told her they don’t need her permission and she told them I don’t live there which I do that I’m only there for sex. This shocked these poor guys, they waited till she left and hooked it up for me. I paid a 40 dollar charge for them to come. They told her that she said no and they told her I would have to wait another 2 weeks which I already waited for them to come. She said she doesn’t care with a half empty bottle of vodka in her hand.

The shower had mold in it so she cut a piece of it out and we had to put a heavy duty plastic bag so the water wouldn’t run into our kitchen cabinet. That was like that for 2 years. She asked my boyfriend to do it because he would clean and paint and not even a thank you.

He likes to keep the building clean. He said he has no time to tile it, he said it was her job and she said you only rent the room not the bathroom or shower. (This is included in our unit) I slipped on ice. She does not maintain the units. People are in and out and she jacks up the rent, doesn’t do credit checks, and people who have bad credit pay her the money. My neighbour is a young university student that is moving out June 1st. The police are there every day. She keeps entering her unit. She has video of the landlord swinging an umbrella at her and she just changed the locks on them and they had to call police again.

I think you should do a story of this landlord from hell. I think she was also stealing my mail I haven’t gotten mail in months which is strange. Also she is such a bad lady she only wanted our aparment to jack up the rent and if it not safe how is someone living there already as soon as we were put on the street?  Thank God for my elderly aunt and uncle because we would have nowhere to go. Everyone that meets this lady says she is the worst landlord from hell. She has postings up on Kijiji about the apartments and she posted fake pictures of her mansion that it is the apartment for rent.  I will also email you the Kijiji link my name is Margo please email me back, this is going to court right now so I don’t know what can be done but me and my boyfriend are homeless with two dogs living at my aunt’s and uncles but no home to call our own.


I also forgot to tell you the story a couple of winters ago she had some kind of inspector come in and she didn’t give us notice.  Just told us to take our stuff off the wall, unplug our things and throw it on the bed. She did this to us in Feb because she put storage on our door and made us turn our apt upside down to look like it was not being used. We did that to help her not to lose our place. We stayed out in a really cold Feb with 2 small dogs. 2 times we stayed at friends but 2 other times.we had no notice and had to walk around in the cold. Who is gonna let you take a dog into a mall etc right? I got a bad cold that time. She is such an awful woman greed about money with her fur coats and not about people’s safety and wellness taking cash not paying taxes on the apartments. I always bought money orders to cover my ass.

She also stole our dehumidifier when we got evicted and said it wasn’t there when we asked her for it back. She took the April rent like nothing and always asked us like she nice, “everything ok ?” She only got away with it because we were not in court. If we would have known we would of went. Where are we gonna find a place for that kind of money? Maybe being out of the dark is better and the window wells are also bottled shut outside so no way you would ever get out if there was a fire.

the landlord is worried about losing 400 a month on our rent. We are sick because we are scared. What we are gonna do? I have to go back to work. It takes me 2 hours each way. Hopefully we will find a place soon. The police officers that helped us, they help carry our stuff for us and they said she is a nasty woman but now that we are staying in Brampton till hopefully no later than June the 1st. Maybe we can find an apartment June 1st. Our lawyer at Etobicoke South said he will not go to court and represent us since it not emergency. We are not homeless but we are homeless. Just staying here temporarily. Please if there is anything you can do to help us with a lawyer. I work at a factory and my boyfriend does construction here and there so he doesn’t work or study. I am the sole provider of the life, the food, the dogs, the rent for most of the months. It’s hard on me also then being on the street without knowing anything.

She is also putting our belongings outside now in the rain for days and she has a court order to keep them safe and some of the apartments in the building have gotten shut down by fire inspector.

Thank you for listening

I feel bad for these tenants, I really do. No doubt there is a whole other side to this story from the landlord.  This is a pretty typical Toronto problem. The rent is super low, the landlord wants more rent to pay for things. Mainly these tenants who seem to have significant issues (BF doesn’t really work) probably don’t have good credit, they have 2 dogs which going to hamper their search. Mainly there are no $500 apartments in Toronto that I’m aware of.

These tenants will suffer significant hurdles to get new housing. The landlord will clean the place up and move on. The landlord might have some serious issues with the Landlord & Tenant Board.

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