Tenant Doesn’t Like Jared Hope

August 29th, 2012 · 8 Comments · Landlord Rescue Trademark

Today’s crop of emails included this little gem from Grand Prairie. You want to know what I know about Grand Prairie? They give you a Northern Residents Tax Deduction for living up there. Wanna know how I know that? Because Jared’s tenants email and call me asking for their Northern Residents Tax Deduction.

Jared Hope’s a bad Landlord…Tsk Tsk Tsk

Name: TC McDougall
Message: I just wanted to email you and tell you. THANK YOU! I came across your blog by sheer accident. I am a tenant in Grande Prairie with the other Landlord Rescue run by Jared Hope. I had tried sending him an email this morning about our lease agreement being as it is coming to an end, in return I got an email back saying it could not be sent due the fact that email address is not in use.

So I was like wtf I check and rechecked and triple checked the email address and couldnt figure out why it was wrong.  So later tonight I thought well why don’t I search Landlord Rescue on google and see if they changed their email address. Well sure as shit I clicked on the first link not thinking anything of it and I was confused at first.

This site doesnt look familiar it’s a blog. so I’m scrolling around on it not really reading anything until Jareds name caught my eye and then I started opening each blog after that and reading them and finding more and more disturbing news about the landlords I am currently dealing with. I have been having trouble with them for the last year and after seeing your blog I am quickly trying to find a new place to live.  Your blog was icing on a very poorly made cake.  I have never had such horrible landlords in my life.  So again thank you for writing your blog and letting others know about this situation.

Ummm Thanks?

As far as complaint emails go, you probably won’t get more generic than that. Kind of hard to hang, draw and quarter the guy based on that evidence. Maybe Jared or Patrick gave his girlfriend genital warts. < This is a reference to a post I wrote a few days back. In truth lots of people get HPV 40%- 50% apparently I do not know if either Jared or Patrick has HPV. It is a joke anyhow if you do not get the reference to the previous post you can now go click on the link so you too can get the joke. For more info on these stranges changes to your favourite blog refer to the post The Doctrine of Truth – Open Letter to Jared Hope & Patrick Francey

Jared Hope & Damage Deposits

Subject: Return of our damage deposit

Message Body:
We recently moved out of one of your rental properties 12520 97A street Grande Prairie, AB T8V 7H4. We were told by Dorothy who represents your company in Grande Prairie that there were no extra damages done to the property and that she seen no reason why we would not receive our deposit within the 10 days that it has to be back to us.

We have left messages on voicemails as well as with Angela who answers our calls. Nobody from your office has replied to us at all in the last week, I have contacted the owner of the property and he has informed me that Angela told him he had 30 days to send the deposit back.

I explained to him that this was not my understanding and that the 30 days applied when there were damages to the property and costs needed to be estimated, we have been patient about this long enough and I enjoyed reading the little rant about the divorce being like renting property.
We are not pleased with the results we received when renting the place, for example the eviction notice we received when A La Carte took over the property from Real Property stating that if we did not pay our rent immediately we would be evicted. We were never even told that A La Carte had taken over.
I see no reason you can’t provide us with a logical explanation as to why we have not received any calls back from your office as well as a timeline of when we will see our money. I look forward to your reply via e-mail so that I will have some documentation towards my argument.

Sincerely Paul Genier e-mail domoreoilfield@msn.com

Another day another dollar…


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  • j

    I used to look forward to your posts as they contained excellant information I could use for my rental properties. It is unfortunate you are in a bad situation with your trademark battle, but these current posts are not relevant to me. I have not unsubscribed in case you returned to the old format, but I am loosing hope. Please let us know if you plan to return to the old format or not. Thank You.

  • Melanie Barkhouse

    Friggin awesome!

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  • Nichole

    We are currently living next door to one of Jared’s rental properties in GP, and we have had nothing but problems with it. Garbage stacked 6 feet high in backyard, drugs being sold out of it, and then New Years Eve we had to call the police as there was a fight and one of the idiots pulled a gun. We have no idea how to contact Jared, but as I read these posts Im not sure it will help. We currently have a police group watching the house and they have the power to board up the place, which will put Jared out money, so hopefully this will help!

  • Wes Belik

    I have been renting from Oct, 3 months, move in report states broken stove, broken bathroom fan and now furnace , no one calls, no one fixes anything, ive had enough of this shit.

  • A.S.Z.M

    We recently moved out of a basement suite where we rented through LLR/Hope Management. Trying to receive a damage deposit back has been difficult. Charging us a estimated $350 painting fee, when the unit was not recently painted prior to moving in. We have picture of the unit when we moved in, there was pile of garbage left, the walls were filthy and we had to wait for a new fridge which took them over a week to replace. They are obligated to send a statement within 10 days of moving out. We will not be settling or paying for normal wear and tear. They are trying to grab every little penny from our damage. When we lived there, they never responded to our calls or fixed anything promptly. They also tried to get us to resign a new lease after a month of living there because they stated the first one was incorrectly filled out. They were trying to get us to sign a new contract that had more expensive rent. Thanks LLR. The worst rental company in this region.