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Tenant from hell stories are coming out of the woodwork… if you want to write your own tenant from hell story then this article may be for you or you could send it to me too. Here’s the story about the tenants from hell

Worst Tenants Archives

One of the worst tenants I ever evicted was a guy who had a serious problem with addiction. He was continually behind in his rent. Of course a tenant can void an ordinary eviction by paying the rent before the Sheriff comes continually until you file another form (N-8) for continual late payment.

I was working in a building so we had a process to evict bad payers in a reasonable time frame and we’d rather have the money than another empty apartment but even among my repeated eviction customers, this guy stood out, because he never paid even one cent in rent. When the sheriff was a day or two away from throwing him out, his Aunt from Florida would call us and send us a check for all the arrears and a couple months of rent and we’d start over.

 Lesson 1 – Evictions Can be Voided By Payment of Arrears

I was hearing stories from the 18th floor about the social problems that he had, parties and strangers going in and out in a curious manner. Weirdos who double parked and left immediately. After about a year, he’d been through the Landlord & Tenant Board Process  3-4 times and paid up everything he owed, but we were making a case for final eviction based on the strange visitors, parties and continual late payment.

 Lesson 2 – You’ll Need Evidence To Evict Someone and Witnesses

One day during tax season time, he came to the office to get his rent receipt for the previous years, but he was in arrears again so the accountant told him that we would not issue the receipt. A few hours passed by and the accountant went out for a smoke and to work on the intercom board.

The tenant happened to pass by and started punching the poor guy in the head. Fortunately our accountant was ok and we had it all on video. With the video, I felt confident in my ability to finally evict this guy once and for all. A month or so down the road, we both went to the Landlord & Tenant Board and he agreed that he would move and signed a mediated agreement that he would leave the apartment.

Lesson 3 – After The Date On The Order, You File With The Sheriff

Needless to say he didn’t leave on the day that he had agreed to,  we had to spend another $360 and wait the inexplicably long time for the Toronto Sheriff to get their act together and do their jobs (4-6 weeks)

FYI Hamilton Sheriff takes about 2 weeks to get the job done, why we have to wait 4-6-8 weeks for the sheriff here in Toronto, I’ll never know. Complete incompetence on the part of the managers and lack of staffing are my guesses.

The sheriff came and we got our apartment back, in terrible condition and full of crack cans and drug paraphernalia, empty pizza boxes and gross mess.

Finally, we were rid of this ghastly specter… and everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Lesson 4 – Trouble Loves Trouble

A few days later I was handing out N-4’s on the 14th floor when I knocked on the door of another tenant behind in rent and who opens the door but the guy we’d just kicked out from upstairs. I asked him “What are you doing here?” you were supposed to move out!  You punched our accountant in the head. He smirks ”I’m allowed to visit whatever friends I want to”  I called the police and it was true he had every right to be in the building.

I’m guessing his host caught the same crack head addiction his friend had because a few days later, his longtime girlfriend moved out, and he stopped going to work. Who needs to work when all that lovely crack needs smoking.

Fast forward another few months the sheriff is called and the host and his new parasite get thrown out…the apartment is in terrible condition.

So finally we were rid of this ghastly specter…and everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief.

About this time, I left that job, but I kept in touch with my friends from work so the story went on.

Lesson 5 – Consequences Happen

He moved to yet another apartment. This time on the 9th floor. I’m not sure what the rent payment status was at that time but I heard there was a bad fire and loss of life in the apartment he was “visiting” .

I was saddened but certainly not surprised to hear what had happened. The story does not list him as living there, but the accountant was following his whereabouts in the building and was the one who told me about the fire and deaths.

This may come as a surprise to tenants but landlords do not go on “eviction parties” we want the money to pay bills and fix the place. If we want to evict someone for other reasons, you can bet it’s a damn good one.



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