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  • judith

    You have a great informative site and thanks for posting my letter. I wish I had to come across this first.

  • Praful Lakhani

    Excellent site for small landloards or would be landloards. I found your website by chanec but I am glad I did. Will need your help. Hope you will call me soon.



    Hi there, I read your blog regularly. Your story-telling style is witty,
    keep up the good work!

  • Nick

    I would say there musty be a resource or a web site for Landlords where by we all black list tenants that have given hard time, not paid rent and found at default in every possible way. There are some tenants that take advantage of the system and play with landlords time and walk away for free.
    I have seen tenants that have money for Taxi, having a pet, smoking cigarettes, having coffee 5 times a day and beer party in the evening BUT they don’t have money to pay rent.
    Every person in family enjoys a cell phone, wear nice clothes etc etc. but don’t have money for rent – This is a real joke and these kind of people walk away free.

  • Cara

    I volunteer at a senior centre in Alberta. A senior who has rented her home out is in a precarious situation.
    She has a house which has two units. It is an older house and thus has one meter for utilities. As a result, she pays the utilities and as per the lease agreement drawn up by her neighbor, the tenants pay her a set amount every month. If the utilities go over the set amount, the tenants reimburse her the difference. This is all mentioned and agreed to by the two tenants.

    Recently, she got a call from one of her tenants whereby they are demanding a renegotiation of the utilities amount set up in the lease agreement. He has asked her for the copies of the utilities for the house for the four months they have been tenants and also for the two months prior to they became tenants. Can a tenant demand to change the terms of the lease agreement once it is signed and agreed to?

    Further, he told her that the doors/windows don’t lock but he has never complained to her about it before. I have advised her to hire a handyman to go look at the windows. During the walk through, the windows and doors all locked properly. She is quite confused as to why it has taken him 4 months to complain about it.

    I have been searching the net to see if I can help her with any information when I saw your article. Any pearls of wisdom would be appreciated so that I can direct her in the right direction. She is a senior citizen and I don’t think she can handle this on her own. She has a mortgage and had to move in to a senior home because of her health and cannot afford to pay the mortgage as well as her senior home accommodation rent. She is waiting for the market to turn around so that she can sell the house to cover the mortgage.

    Will wait for your email.
    Thank you,

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