Warm Fuzzies of Meeting Old Tenants

December 7th, 2017 · 1 Comment · Property Management, Rental Property

Landlord Rescue’s first business plan didn’t even include property management, we were solely a leasing company that found great tenants for landlords. That business (even more than regular property management) was based on no news is good news. I would rent a place, and not hear back from the landlord for 1-2 or more years or maybe never. One of my tenants is still living in the place 15 plus years later.

There is a vacuum of information for the rentals you do that are good, until the owner calls you back and asks you for another tenant. If there are problems the owner is definitely in touch to let you know. This is tough sometimes.

The other day I was lucky enough to hear from one of my previous tenants and that was really nice. I used to manage a town house complex in Oshawa, and as happens when the place turned over hands, I was let go. But the other day I met up with one of the tenants who still lives there from 7-8 years ago, and the place has gone through a number of managers, and she told me that I was the best one so far, one of the people who followed me in that position stole a bunch of money, and drama, drama, drama.

It was really nice to get some positive feedback from a tenant. Not to mention one of the challenges of my job is getting the owners to spend money to pay to repair things, and that’s not always easy especially when it’s a building. Like the owner of that townhouse complex paid $70,000 for new windows and a month later a tenant used a circular saw to cut the plastic window frame so he could fit his air conditioner in. Basically that was the one final straw that broke that landlord’s back, and he sold his complex.

My point is oftentimes a my job just involves an absence of pain and so even though you do a lot of work and set up for things to flow smoothly, no one notices. People just don’t go around saying “holy crow did you notice that house is ok and the tenants paid the rent in full and on time?”

However this does make the rare instances where a tenant or owner praising you feel even more meaningful. For instance I got another call the other day about a property in Brampton, where we’d had a bit of a challenge with the tenant as she was moving out, and some vacancy as we searched for another tenant. The owner was like “Looks like things have settled down over there” of course it’s been a year since our troubles which just goes to show what I’m talking about here.

As a property manager you have to keep your own head on straight, because most of the time neither your tenants or your owners know when you are doing a good job, and sometimes that’s just leaving things alone when that’s what’s called for.  Deciding to do nothing is a valid choice. Recognizing and accepting that not all problems can be fixed. I have a tenant who hears voices, tenant disputes, poverty, lack of money management skills and world peace. All of this is way above my pay grade.

Everyday, you just plug away and do your best.

Warm Fuzzies Welcome



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  • Keith Cowan

    It is not unique to PM. It is also true on sales. When the clients are happy and the quota gets made every year, management assumes that you are lucky. Then when you leave, all hell breaks out. But management does not get it….Keith