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January 31st, 2010 · 3 Comments · Kids & Family

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  • Sampson

    Never even realized you were writing a blog. Congrats! Hope you get some leads on clients and can continue to write some excellent posts.

    • Rachelle

      It’s not surprising you don’t know because I just started a month or so ago. 🙂 What happened is I started writing for Million Dollar Journey then I realized I really liked it and I had a lot of things to say. I had a pretty useless website I didn’t know how to use so I turned it into a blog. So far I’m impressed with myself there’s an awful lot of work that goes into a website and you have to learn a lot of skills. I’m glad to see you here Sampson.

  • Effie

    Hi Rachelle,
    I’m back! I need a little help to wrap this one up. If you recall, quick recap;
    New perspective tennants looked at and immediately wanted my rental house, insisted on paying 1st and last right away because “they wanted it for Oct. 1 2013.” I cashed it spent it and they “changed their minds” (some family member offered to buy them a house to mend a family rift).
    I tried to get it rented but no such luck. Vacant it sat for 3 months, pipes burst, toilet froze ( by accident furnace went out and I was unaware till too late).
    I settled with a new Tennant who did not have last months rent just to get someone in to keep it from happening again. Of course he agreed to pay it down the line.
    Now the help required is; the originally scheduled Tennant saw someone moving in and demanded her monies back. I explained I had not yet received a complete transaction from the new Tennant and when I got it I would inform her. She began a campaign of threats and verbal abuse spilling into over 50 phone calls, messages, texts and an internet attack of my workplace. The police arrested her and she sees the judge March 5th. It was clear by her threats against my children, work, property and person she was in the wrong and the police were very helpful.
    My new Tennant who was also put on the no fly zone with the old
    Unbalanced Tennant has now paid bus last months rent.
    MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION IS.. I wish to repay unbalanced Tennant half her funds given. She paid first and last months rent. What wording do I use or should there be a disclaimer of sorts to return the first months rent or the last months rent? The wording is what I need as I’m unclear with which portion of the 1st and last IS the deposit and which bit does she get back? Is there some wording to be used here to ensure she doesn’t try to get me in trouble or persue the matter further. She did send me a paralegal demand for the entire sum but that was in Oct and I was still trying to get it rented which did not happen till Jan. 2014. What form is the best way to return the funds, cashier cheque? The police will be the drop station for me and she will have to go there to get these funds.
    You have been such a help to me with this mess please help me wrap this one up.
    Thank you very kindly,