Wynne-Wynne Solutions to Condo Pet Urination Problem

April 24th, 2017 · 2 Comments · Property Management

Today I received the following email from a condo building where I manage a unit. I called this a Wynne-Wynne solution because like Ms. Wynne’s solution to implementing rent control, it won’t work in the desired way. It is hard to believe but some situations a little more complex than first appear. So the answer to skyrocketing rents is not rent control, just like the answer to blood leaking from a cut in your arm is not to remove the blood from your body by hiring vampires to suck you dry.

Just to set the scene, this is a large building where pets are allowed and it is in the city with bare sidewalk around the entire thing.  Do you see anywhere for the pets that live in the hundreds of units to do their business? This is terrible, stupid design. It’s really bad. We are building thousands of units without thinking about what real humans and their pets need to live as practical manner. So the property manager sent out this email at the behest of the Condo Board.

The email about pee and poop

Monday, April 24th, 2017

RE:  Pet Urination / Defecation

The Board of Directors and Management have received numerous complaints concerning pets urinating and defecating on or around the common elements of the building.  Most significant is the urination that is occurring within 10 feet of the front entrance of the building.  The plants in the gardens out front are dying due to urination on them and is resulting in significant costs to replace them.

Please be advised that the actions of some irresponsible pet owners is resulting in the defacing of the premises and is causing additional cleaning costs.  In addition, the presence of urine and pet defection is a health concern and this issue has worsened over time.

Allowing your pet to relieve itself on any part of the common elements of the building including the front gardens, building pillars and planters will not be tolerated.

Going forward, the Board has ordered additional Camera/Monitoring equipment in the areas of concern and has instructed security to use whatever means available to identify the individuals who are not abiding by the above request.  In addition, new rules being put in place will result in the unit owner being assessed a cleaning charge and could result in a potential permanent removal of the pet.

We anticipate your cooperation with this matter

Warring With Your Residents is Not Good

The problem is that the dogs are peeing and pooing in basically the ONLY available area when they get out of the building.  There is only 10 feet in front of the building!  Of course the pets do their business there. This is perfectly normal pet behaviour. Agreed it smells and it’s not really that nice. However instead of developing new solutions such as getting cheaper plants or sending pets out the back door to a pet pee area with replaceable sod or any positive solutions at all that take into account the perfectly normal predictable behaviour of pets… we are going to buy cameras. These cameras are going to be expensive, then once the offenders are “caught” they will be assessed a “cleaning charge” and legal letters (which cost unit owners around $500 each) and possible legal action to try to remove people’s pets.

This is solid proof: there are special snowflakes who live in buildings who should live as hermits in the woods because the action of living in a community with other people is painful and jarring and requires acceptance and patience and willingness to compromise. Because of our special snowflakes, every single unit owner will have to pay for cameras, monitoring for the cameras, policing of the pets, lawyer letters and possibly hundreds of thousands of $$$ of legal fees. This doesn’t even take into account all the ill will and resentment the pet owners and the Board will enjoy from hereon in. God forbid that any of these people catch even a whiff of excrement in their little bubble.

Can you even tell me how even the most well meaning resident taking their dog out is going to prevent their dogs from peeing on the front bushes? How is this even possible? Making a rule, doesn’t mean it’s even possible to comply with it. So I’m just saying this is not a smart rule and not a solution to the problem. All I know is you can pay for a lot of bushes for the cost of one camera.

The solution to bad design is good design, not warring with your residents.

Le sigh.


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  • Potato

    There must be a product to meet this need: some kind of porous astroturf that can be rinsed/flushed into the sewer. If there aren’t already 5 companies making something like that, I’ve got half a mind to start up a garage business and contact condo managers…

  • Rob

    Simple solution: puppy pads on the balcony I do this because I live on a forth floor walkup with no elevator. Works very well, my dog still gets a decent walk every day but it means I don’t need to run downstairs in my skivvies first thing in the morning LOL