Zombie Tenant From Hell

May 31st, 2011 · 3 Comments · Landlord & Tenant Board

Evil and bloody Zombie Clown Tattoo
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You just can’t kill some tenants from hell, they keep coming back to eat at your brains. Last Friday, I was in the Landlord & Tenant Board for another kick at the can.

Synopsis of Case

  1. House rented – June 2009
  2. Drain Backs Up June 1st
  3. Tenant complains of mold June 2nd
  4. Landlord fixes drain June 3rd
  5. Landlord gets mold test done – Results Positive -Early July
  6. Landlord gets company in to do mold remediation – finished in August
  7. Tenant doesn’t pay rent July 1st
  8. Tenant offers to move if we give her compensation
  9. Mold remediation leaves basement stripped of drywall
  10. We go to Landlord & Tenant Board
  11. Adjourned 3 times
  12. 6 hours of testimony is heard at the Landlord & Tenant Board
  13. Order received by Landlord in December
  14. House found in terrible condition, no heat on, pipes and toilet frozen, water running, graffiti on walls,bird feces in bedroom,  January 4th 2010
  15. Landlord files in Small Claims court early 2010
  16. Interim rent paid into the Landlord & Tenant Board is directed to previous landlord also owed money.
  17. Landlord gets interim rent paid into the Landlord & Tenant Board March 2010
  18. Landlord seizes tenant’s bank account
  19. Small Claims seizes twice the amount owed
  20. Tenant reviews Landlord & Tenant Board Order based on fact that he is guarantor. Denied
  21. Tenant motions to have all monies held at Small Claims until he reviews Landlord & Tenant Board judgement again, Small Claims agrees
  22. Administrative review of original Landlord & Tenant board order is held last Friday
  23. Error of law is found in termination date of original order.
  24. Tenant claims to have moved out November 30th.
  25. I personally saw their possessions in the house in December 2009
  26. Landlord saw them in late December 2009 at the house.
  27. We all wait for the new Landlord & Tenant Board order exactly 2 years from the date they moved in.

There have been 8-10 court dates for the landlord, she received $1300 in rent collected as an interim rent payment.

The tenant has lived in three places since she left the landlord’s house. One has been sold.

It’s still not over there’s a new date at Small Claims to change the amount that the tenant owes if the Landlord & Tenant Board changes the Order.

Have you ever had a Zombie Tenant From Hell in your life?

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