10 Surefire Tells For Bad Tenants

October 9th, 2012 · 5 Comments · Property Management, Rental Property

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I’m fresh off the phone with a guaranteed awful tenant. So I thought I’d write this up. The following is actual telephone calls I’ve had with real people.

  1. Can you make the appointment on Saturday? I don’t have any money for gas.
  2. I’m looking for a job.
  3. My aunt died so I had to go to the funeral so I don’t have first & last. Is it ok?
  4. I can pay you $400 per month. (posted rent $900)
  5. Phone calls where the tenant is drunk and/or stoned.
  6. I’m calling for “irresponsible guy” who’s too busy/lazy to call for himself
  7. Text begging me to put $1500 on my credit card to be paid back $100 per month “guaranteed”
  8. Phone calls from tenants being scammed by a fake ad poster using the address of the rental property
  9. My credit isn’t good but I’ll give you first & last in cash upfront.
  10. I don’t want to fill out an application…

Through the years I’ve heard of almost every scam going.

Do A Credit Check

There are very few 100% verifiable facts on an application, with the use of cell phones & the privacy act, it can be very difficult to verify employment and previous landlord information. Credit checks are invaluable to checking the pay habits of your potential tenants.

It’s never been easier, I use Tenant Verification Services myself and it’s easy to set up and you’re ready rent.

Time and time again people ask me where to find their ad when I tell them it’s on the site.

How To Do A Credit Check?

This is by far the number one request I get. I should put it on my services page. But if you want to do credit checks here’s the link to the website where you can get set up in a few hours to do them. There is NO MEMBERSHIP FEE so you just pay for the credit checks you get.

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Other Means Of Protection

Pretend you’re Sherlock Holmes and that you need to follow the evidence. Look at the application, really look it over. Is there anything weird or out of place? I had a bogus application last year that was very good. So you need to watch out for that.

Good Luck! Happy Tuesday!


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