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January 1st, 2017 · 1 Comment · Weird Landlord News


After a messed up year of my sister getting cancer and the tumor going away (not a cure she’s still dying!) and Edina’s (My super duper partner in crime at Landlord Rescue) grandfather getting sick and passing away, I’m ready for a new year. Seriously I had high hopes for 2016, and it let me down.

My last act of 2016 was to receive a call from some poor people who’s house had burned down and get them moved in the next day to a lovely interim house while their house gets rebuilt.

Which brings me back to Fire Safety again (OMG I’m so so boring) but seriously the picture above is the smoke detector I pulled out of their new house they rented. That smoke detector is 6 years past it’s expiration date and now it’s in my garbage can and it’s been replace by the spliff new model below


This lovely smoke carbon monoxide detector with sealed 10 year battery life will keep you out of jail like no Corvette will. (Welcome to landlording) and for only $69.00 at your local Home Depot.

Anyhoo. Happy New Year!

Here’s a bonus article from CBC where my dog got shocked by a Hydro Pole I was innocently walking along the street and boom my dog gets shocked by a Hydro Pole.  Toronto Hydro was shockingly fast and they were at the hydro pole in about 20 minutes. (In a flash – you might say, if you were into bad puns which I am NOT)

I asked my dog Robot “What was it like getting a shock” and she said “Ruff, very Ruff!”

On a more personal note, 2016 has really been a terrible year with the schools, my son has autism and for the first five years we really got a pass with excellent administrators and principals but last year was hell. That has thrown me for a loop the entire year as we regroup from “that incident” which was just a hellish long time of me threatening to do legal stuff.

My husband is imported from the USA (nothing but the finest vintage for me) so seriously I hope Donald Trump gets scabies or bed bugs from Putin. Hell I’d settle for a nice case of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea.

I’ve not been the biggest fan of 2016, and I’d like to say good bye to that beast.

Happy 2017 !!!!


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