An Appeal To League Employees By the League Investors Victim & Recovery Group

July 15th, 2014 · 17 Comments · League REIT Updates

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League Investors Victim & Recovery Group are a group of League victims as are many of you. Even though the mortgages on the buildings were paid, employees were not fully paid in some cases.  There are now more than 200 members in our group: which is impressive considering we have been denied access to the full investor list citing “privacy concerns” Many investors have made contact through this blog, one and two members at a time. If you are a League Victim you can email the group to join at

Ironically, we know that the full list is floating around, and some of you have some or all of the list in your possession. We know this because Emmanuel Arruda reached out to the investors in an email and another ex employee sent out an email blast to try to sell the recently decimated League Victims an investment.

The League Investor’s Victim & Recovery Group needs the list because the more members we have the more strength and impact we will have. Our goals are simple and transparent.

1 – Recovery of Funds
2 – Punishment of Perpetrators
3 – Prevention of Similar Crimes

We have a strategic plan to work on all the above goals.

The truth of what happened wants to come out and play. We know that many League ex-employees have information that is essential to our investigation. We also know that you cannot give out this information without great personal risk. In some cases you could lose your job, you could lose your exempt market dealer license, you could be sued and you could be “black balled” and lose your entire career. There is no whistleblower law that would protect you.
The League Investors Victim & Recovery Group knows that most of the employees did nothing wrong except do their job and earn a few bucks to feed their families. Many of you invested right along with “member partners” and believed in the company. Having said this, some of you may have been witness to events or information that seemed mysterious or unexplained at the time, but make perfect sense now in light of new information. You may have documents or emails that need to be “liberated”. You may need to speak to a person in confidence.

We need your help, but we do not want you or your career to be risked. For this reason we have come up with several ways you can make anonymous submissions. You can fax to 1-647-724-1619 from any number of corner stores or Staples. Pay cash. You can use regular mail and mail to 228 Scarborough Golf Club Road, Toronto, Ontario, M1J 3G6. This is my personal home address, so if you come over bring beer.

You can make a fake email address and email our group This is less secure but easy.

After our investigations our group has come to the conclusion that 99% of League employees did not know what was going on. As soon as League Employees figured out what was going on and objected in any way, they were fired by any means necessary. This is one of the major reasons why there was incredibly high staff turnover at League including the rotating door of CFOs. One of our questions is how the money was moved around and concealed.

Any little detail might be extremely important, the prizes are investor list and we would love to see the Altus Helyar valuations on League properties. I’m sure if you’ve been holding something back for a while it’s probably important. I think we can all agree that scams like League are bad for investors and bad for business in general.

Many thanks, Ex League Employees.





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  • Jimmy

    I am sure you don’t care at this point but there is a famous English common law case which defines 3rd party liability in instances where individuals are enticed to breach an agreement or contract.

    You may want to drop the part at least acknowledging that you are aware that privacy and confidentiality agreements exist and that you are asking people to breach those agreements!.

  • Rachelle

    Jimmy don’t you have somewhere to be?

  • Franken

    It seems we’ve seen our little friend “Jimmy” here before and on other blogs and newspaper sites, under a number of fake names.

    Our little friend “Jimmy” seems to be quite worried about the inevitable further investigation of the League collapse. Wonder why?

    Our little friend “Jimmy” seems to be quite busy trying to put a positive spin on the League collapse and its implications. Wonder why?

    Maybe little “Jimmy” and his IP address might be of interest to the BCSC?

    • Rachelle

      Proxy server out of Minneapolis. Only the NSA knows where Jimmy lives.

      • Jimmy

        There are lots of proxies out there fortunately.

        I find it somewhat ironic that you are asking people to confidentially send you documents yet you are clearly logging and trying to track identities.

        • Rachelle

          It’s a default wordpress function that comes with the software not something I “do”. Trolls know about it anyways and use proxy servers.

  • Jimmy

    Look if I was trying to be malicious I would have just contacted your hosting company and asked them to shut you down.

    I was just pointing out that enticing people to breach agreements that you acknowledge as being valid could get you in hot water with a number of different people.

    You want to ignore that then fine.

  • Rachelle

    Jimmy, you’re wasting your breath and my time.

    First of all, I can’t acknowledge the validity of contracts I have never seen. Legally you cannot contract out of the law and it is illegal to conceal any illegal activity.

    However we all should know by now that League & Founders are vexatious litigants and will do almost anything at all to smear employees including using anonymous ID’s on forums and allegations of sexual harassment. The people who worked with Adam Gant and Co are scared of him.

    I am not. The League Investor Victims are not. We need the information but are certainly understanding that people are not willing to risk vexatious litigation they can’t afford, smearing on the internet or blackballing in the industry. This is why we have given those people an opportunity to pass on what they know with no risk to themselves.

  • Jimmy

    I don’t think that it is League you would need to worry about. You are asking people to turn over confidential client information as an example. Presumably my name and personal details are on that list and I don’t want you or anyone else trying to contact me or having my info. If I wanted to have my contact info circulated then I would have given PWC permission to do so.

    • Rachelle

      The list is out in “the wild” already and is already being used by ex employees of League to raise funds for other investments and Emmanuel Arruda to get investors to feel sorry for him because of his sad financial state. This is a fact. I think an email from a group trying to recover money on my behalf would be welcome. Most investors do not know of our existence yet.

  • Jimmy

    If you were not so fixated on revenge with League and wanted to actually help investors then you would have commented on this link and case.$21_7_million_fraud/

    In my opinion this is the avenue to complain with regulators with League. In the FIC case, use of funds was covered in the OMs but the BCSC panel still ruled that the principals still had an obligation to disclose separately to investors that funds were being used for purposes other than represented in marketing literature and meetings.

    Now a ruling of fraud by the BCSC is not the same as a criminal conviction but it will be interesting to see what the sanctions are.

    • Rachelle

      Thank you for the case, it just to show how slow the BCSC is. The crime was for a measly 21 million and occurred in 2008 and is just finalized yesterday. While it is good that something was done, I think BCSC had better do better this time.

      • Jimmy

        The BCSC acted more than 2 years ago in this case. What is shows is how slow the system can become when lawyers get involved and the process gets delayed.

        Lets hope that regulations allow the BCSC to act appropriately to deter future activities. I think that Gant and Arruda will probably wind up in personal bankruptcy in any event so perhaps the best you can hope for from the BCSC is a ban on future involvement in the markets.

  • Jimmy

    For those keeping track, there are now 14 separate legal actions against Gant and Arruda in BC alone.

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