Canadian Real Estate Carnaval – First Edition

September 30th, 2010 · 23 Comments · Blogging Journey, Canadian Real Estate Carnival

What's A Carnival Without Fireworks ?

I have received many fantastic submissions for the first edition of the Canadian Real Estate Carnival. I’m excited! There are some absolutely fantastic blogs out there. It’s a good thing I couldn’t find all you guys, otherwise I might never have started my own blog, I would have been too intimidated.

Real Estate Bear Winner

Gail Vax Oxlade sent Is The Bidding Lust Over? from her personal finance blog Gail Vax Oxlade – Making Money Make Sense Gail’s all about helping people make good financial decisions.

Real Estate Bull Winner

I really liked this submission The Shiny Penny written by Wade Graham at Higher Ground Real Estate Investments.  It’s a valuable reminder to remember to focus on what you’re good at. There’s another neat post over there about Investing In The USA along the same lines. I have to say I also agree with Wade on this issue. Most successful real estate investors learn an area very well and stick to it. Buying a property far away adds inestimable costs to owning it.

Property Management Winner

Julie Broad of Revnyou sends in a great post about How to Deal With Tenants What an absolutely divine example of how to be the professional landlord, avoid escalating a situation and end up with a happy resolution. Dealing with people is the most difficult and challenging part of being an investor/landlord. How you are able to handle this part of the real estate investment business determines your success or your eventual exit (as you have multiple nervous breakdowns because your tenants don’t put out the garbage)

Honorable Mentions

The highly esteemed Mr Potato sent in this simple way to figure out if you should rent or own called Why I like Rent Multiple. I love his blog Blessed By The Potato because of his groundbreaking expose on How Calories Work and his awesome Cookies. Some things just make life better.

Frugal Trader sent in this article from his wonderful personal finance site Million Dollar Journey about Rental Property Income Taxes and Deductions .This could prove extremely useful when completing your online taxes Have I mentioned how great Frugal Trader is? He started me writing and I’ve never stopped. So thanks again!

I got this great submission from Canuck Landlord over at his site Canuck Landlord called House Rules. This is a good reminder for us all to come up with a set of rules for our rental properties. It’s a little presumptuous of us as landlords to expect our tenants to just know what to expect without us spelling it out. It might be nice of us to add important amenities in the area such as grocery stores, hair salons and laundromats. Good tenants will follow rules if they know what they are.

Neil Uttamamsingh sent in Real Estate Investing For Dummies from his blog First Rental Property He says you don’t need to be smart to invest in real estate and that’s good news for the 50% of people who have below average intelligence.

Mike Holman my friend over at Money Smarts Blog has submitted How to Determine the Value of a House Renovation It’s a good reminder to think before you renovate and it’s even more important for rental properties. Mike just wrote a book about RESP’s. Go buy it at believe me it’ll be the best $11.75 you’ve ever spent.

The Vancouver Real Estate Anecdote Archivist sent over Two Charts – All You Need To Know About Canada’s Housing Bubble from its? blog VREAA. While you’re over there check out the Froogle Scott Chronicles, a tale of a hapless homeowner who decided to renovate his house. We’ll laugh now…but I guarantee you it wasn’t funny for him.

Tom Karazda of Rock Star Inner Circle sent us all Maybe Cash Flow Isn’t King in Real Estate Read the whole post; there’s a section about the dangers of illegal basement apartments you should read.

Thomas Beyer; President, Prestigious Properties Group sends in a post from his blog 80 Lessons Learned – On the Road From 80K to 80M. The article is 5 Ways to Make Money Investors might want to shoot an eye on another post he did Real Estate Syndications – 8 Mistakes to Avoid Thomas is a valued contributor to the REIN real estate forum. He’s well known for his excellent suggestions.

Tenant From Hell Story

No one sent in a tenant from hell story, it can’t be a proper carnival with out a drunk passed out guy can it? And every carnival needs a stripper. We’re Canadians damn it and we know how to party!  I had to submit my own.

United States Submissions

They can write but they can’t read.

Mark Donovan of Home Addition Plus discusses the peril of overpricing your house in Pricing Your House To Sell

The Budget Snob from Budget Snobtells us all about The New Refinancing Rules. This may be a sneak peek at a Canadian future here, we just got a new set of mortgage rules ourselves.

Francis Thomas sends in 50 Excellent YouTube Videos about Urban Planning. There’s no way I’m watching 50 videos but you might want to.

Next Edition

Picking the winners was so hard I tried to make my husband do it. He refused so I had to make myself do it. Pick your own favourites if you disagree and post in the comments. October 15th the Second Edition of our very own awesome Canadian Real Estate Blog Carnival will go live at Canuck Landlord.

Thanks Everyone !


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