Downtown Toronto Trump Building Renamed

June 28th, 2017 · 1 Comment · Kids & Family

So there’s a good chance most of you have not been following the nightmare that Trump Tower was to investors. My understanding is that the promised returns were exaggerated and expenses understated.  Not really a surprise, but investors were misled. You might also say, they were bled dry, because a lot of them didn’t or couldn’t close.

Then the developer Talon defaulted on it’s loans.

Not surprisingly it seems like the Trump brand is waning at least in Canada and the building which is supposed to be a posh hotel, attracted protesters of all kinds even though Trump just plastered his name on it and manages the hotel. He doesn’t own the building.

Then the new owners of the hotel, paid Trump 6 million ?? to take his name off the building, which all things considered is a fantastic deal.

This whole development story is something else. Anyhow hopefully now the new buyer can hopefully turn this building into a going concern.

Bye Felicia.


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  • Christine

    In the Leaving

    In the leaving,
    in the letting go,
    let there be this
    to hold onto
    at the last:

    the enduring of love,
    the persisting of hope,
    the remembering of joy,

    the offering of gratitude,
    the receiving of grace,
    the blessing of peace.

    by Jan Richardson in CIRCLE OF GRACE