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What happens to Landlords after a horrible tenant? The bottom line is that you’ve been traumatized. You’ve had to deal with a deadbeat for months, you’ve been through the wringer of the Landlord & Tenant Board, learned to fill out forms, appeared before the adjudicator and generally been totally stressed out.

The aftermath

Finally they’re gone, maybe the sheriff came and threw them out on the street, you’ve got your place back and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Or can you? Most times this kind of situation will be totally unexpected, no one ever mentions this part of the business at REIN meetings, or in books about how you can get rich by buying properties. In many cases your place will be trashed and be full of their leavings, you’ll probably need to paint and renovate. Your previous deadbeats may have vindictively damaged the property and punched holes in walls, smeared feces and more.

Now you have to get ready to rent again, it’s disgusting, it’s going to take time, it’s going to cost money.

Self Blame

Many landlords will replay the incidents over and over in their mind trying to make sense of what these people have done. You may blame yourself for renting to them, being taken in by a smooth line or not catching something on an application or ignoring your gut. You may review every conversation you ever had especially if there ended up being a lot of conflict. You may wonder what if I did this or that or said something different. Maybe if you were nicer then this would not have happened to you.

It’s not true, you didn’t do anything wrong except to rent to them. Your screening process failed you. True deadbeats will go to any length to get into your place. Con artists are good. That’s why even after all the security measures banks put in place my debit card has been ripped off three times. Fraudsters are great at what they do. Don’t blame yourself.

Look where you can improve and try not to dwell on it. You may have made mistakes, but don’t be too hard on yourself.

Other People Will Blame You

Everywhere you turn, people will blame you for not doing your due diligence regardless of if you did or not. For the most part people have a stupid idea that the people who are getting behind on their rent are people who are desperately poor or single mothers or fallen on hard times. This is actually a lie. The above people may get in trouble with rent, but they will recover and either move on to more suitable circumstances, such as living with family or friends.

The people we are talking about are predators who will sit in your apartment/house and not pay a cent until the sheriff comes and even longer. Sometimes they are working. Certainly if you can’t afford the rent on a brand new condo, you could compromise a little and rent something you can afford.

They are irresponsible because they can be. They are protected by the Privacy Act and the bleeding hearts at the Landlord & Tenant Board. Even the assholes at Transunion won’t even register a Landlord & Tenant Board judgement on these deadbeat’s credit reports. (I don’t use them anymore) In spite of the hundreds of thousands of $$$ in money landlords spend on credit reports neither Equifax or Transunion has a decent solution for landlords. Other companies that like Rent Check and TVS rely on landlords self reporting bad debts.

For the most part we are all blind when picking tenants, I hardly care if a tenant pays their credit card bill. I cannot rely on other landlords to tell me if they are deadbeats but I know that these bad tenants will be passed along like a hot potato from Landlord to Landlord.

All of transitions the responsibility from the tenant, to the landlord.

Happy Sunday!


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