Happy Birthday !

July 11th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Blogging Journey, Kids & Family

Happy 2nd Birthday!

It’s my birthday today, July 10th. My original plan was to go to the Hamilton property I manage and pick up checks. It’s a nice drive and we were going to do the family road trip but the supers had already decided that they were going to go do something nice for themselves.

So I went to the waterpark instead with my family.  Right up my alley!

First we went to lunch but we got a weird waitress, the lobster I had was delicious and we all shared chocolate cake. My son was great, which was fantastic.

Daycare Nightmares

Last week I go to pick up my son from daycare, as soon as I get there he starts weeping.  He had, as far as I could tell, been left all day with the same diaper on. His butt was blistered, he was dirty and we had to soak him in the bath to clean him up. Then they tried to lie about it. So I withdrew him from there and we’re hanging out as a family again.

Basically how this works is my hubby drives me around to where I need to go, then they take off and go on epic adventures.

I Lost My Voice

I ended up with yet another cold, and lost my voice. So my hubby is happy.

Life Is Like A Lousy Soap Opera

Every single time I think it’s smoother sailing ahead…it’s not. It’s not even an exciting soap opera, it’s a lame one. I make plans and they fail then make more plans. Some of my plans work out and the general direction is excellent, but it isn’t easy that’s for sure!

In any case, happy birthday to me and I hope everyone has a lovely productive week.





















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  • Absinthe

    Happy Birthday! And I hope that the coming year is less like a lousy soap opera. 🙁
    Your daycare experience sounds awful.

  • Wendi

    Life sounds rough.
    It could be worse.
    We crashed our 2011 trailer by jack knifing it on the 400 North on June 17th. (sorry to everyone we held up that Friday morning). But we are alive, just $24,000 lighter. (yes, we had insurance, but it’s still an ongoing saga).

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