Hey Jared Hope! Chris from REIN Wants To Speak To You

August 23rd, 2012 · 3 Comments · Landlord Rescue Trademark, REIN

For all those who might not understand why it’s a bad idea to steal someone else’s business name consider this…

7806408739_20120815_124659 < digital wave file of telephone message from Chris to Jared.

This is a telephone call from some poor soul that wants to find Jared and has gone woefully astray. The reason why is because the name Landlord Rescue and Landlord Rescue are confusingly similar, in fact identical.

Now that Jared and I know each other better after this year of me being his unpaid, irritable secretary, I can say that those concussions have had a long term effect on his business choices.

See most people when informed that they have been caught red handed leaving the store with cases of pop under the cart at least try to pretend they “forgot”. They then leave as quickly as possible.

Not Jared, he sticks around telling me what a great guy he is, instead of signing the damn agreement and slinking back to the the nether regions of Albertazthan to Grande Prairie.

I welcome the day when I no longer have to think about Jared and Patrick because they have decided they don’t want to have anything to do with the woman who posts all kinds of crazy on the internets.

Win Win

As the REIN people like to phrase it, lets do a win win deal.  Give me back my business name, sign the agreement and try not to irritate me again. The best way not to come into contact with me is not to steal my business name and trademark it. Other than that, we travel in different circles so you should be easy enough to ignore.

P.S. If you google Patrick Francey’s name the photo I used yesterday comes up as an image for him and my article comes up 5th….




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