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Jeff Evicts Tenants, So You Don’t Have To

For competent, reliable and affordable services please contact Jeff Shabes, Licensed Paralegal at 416-464-4152 or by email at

You have a crappy tenant, they don’t pay the rent or they’re causing all kinds of other problems. You find the Landlord & Tenant Board Website and you realize this is going to be damn hard. N-4? Huh?

Don’t fool around begging your tenant for rent, get the process started right away.

The Landlord & Tenant Board can be very confusing and intimidating. All you wanted to do was rent out your place and now you have to quit your job to study full time and become a legal expert.

I did evictions and it can be stressful, confrontational and generally unpleasant. Go have a nice massage, mani-pedi and haircut and get Jeff to deal with your nasty tenants. He’s an expert with years of experience in evictions and a licensed paralegal.


So now your tenants owe you a bunch of money, after months of waiting they’re on the street where they belong, you have an Order from the Landlord & Tenant Board. It says on your Landlord & Tenant Board Order that they owe you thousands. What’s next? Small Claims and more waiting that’s what. (Sorry, I don’t make the rules, I’m just the messenger)

Jeff can help you collect through Small Claims.

Don’t Delay, Call Jeff Today

(416) 464-4152

How & When to Call Jeff Shabes

Jeff is a paralegal, and because he’s great, he’s busy. He’ll be at the Landlord & Tenant Board, or Small Claims in front of the Judge or Adjudicator from 9am to 11 am and from 1:00 pm to 3 pm most days of the week. You’re not allowed to answer the phone in court! So leave a message and he’ll call you back, when he gets free or email him now and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Testimonial For Jeff Shabes

Hi Rachelle,

Just wanted to give you an update on our visit to the L & T board last week with Jeff. He did a fine job and got us an early release for the start of January. The tenant showed up, which was unexpected,and Jeff even took him to one side for a quick chat before the hearing began. Thanks for putting us in touch with him.

Thanks once again for your kind assistance.

Manny Bola

December 7th 2010


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  • Joe Nourani

    Hi Jeff,
    Did you work for Stan Vine? If yes e/mail me.

  • Steve

    I used Jeff on a very messy and complex tenant issue in early February. All I can say is that he was the absolute right choice for me. He met my gaols (evicting the tenants from hell) and actually managed to put in place a rent increase and a penalty if they don’t leave or are late with their rent.

    Jeff, if you read this, thanks again you were fantastic.

  • Liza

    How much does Jeff’s service usually cost?

    • Rachelle

      It depends on what he’s doing for you and how many times he has to go to court, if maintenance issues are brought up and so on. For a regular non payment eviction, with the sheriff fee and court fee it’ll run you about $1000 to get rid of your bad tenant. Deadbeats are not cheap. Then if they are collectible and you want to take them to small claims after, that costs even more.

      Jeff’s fees are very reasonable and most importantly he’s effective.

      • Sarah

        Can we claim such fees (court costs/sheriif fee) from our tenants ontop of the rent that they owe?

        • Rachelle

          As long as the tenant owed rent when you filed the N-4 you can claim the $170 filing fee and if the tenants wants to void the order after the sheriff gets his fee, they must also pay the sheriff fee.

  • Mark

    Hey guys, just a peer, please be careful…the expression “For the best paralegal services in the GTA contact…” …violates the rules of conduct on advertising – no paralegal or lawyer can refer to themselves as best.

    Better to hear it from one of your own than a regulator knocking on the door 😉

    • Rachelle

      I’m not a paralegal. I’m actually Jeff’s customer and we sometimes end up working together on difficult tenants that we encounter. That is all. If the regulator wants to call, I’m ready to listen. I’m not sure what control they have over me, I’m guessing less than none.

  • Rachel

    Hi Jeff or Rachelle,

    My tenant default rents for two months (total $4121) plus they told me they are NOT going to clean up the property when leaving and lawn at the front and back are ruined. (My estimates total amount to be $5000) My tenant told me they are leaving end of Aug 2015 and I think this chance is high, so this has to go to the small claims court as they moving out soon.

    I understand paralegal fees vary from case to case. But from cost / benefits perspective, do you think it is worthwhile to sue my tenants to the small claims court? (I have renewed lease agreement in writing, NFS – they told me they already canceled the cheques, I am waiting for them to move out and then will cash out to get NSF evidence, email communications between me and tenants and I will pay private investigator to get their new residential address or I have their employment address)



  • Pat

    Hi Rachel,
    You already answered to me in the past to some questions I had.
    Now, I’m trying to get some advice in regards an issue I’m facing at my apartment.
    My landlord has decided to drastically reduced the water pressure of the building a couple of weeks ago. I live on the third floor, and It gets so bad, that I have to shower with a light drizzle, and if the apartment downstairs is using water, I totally lose water for several minutes until they stop using it.
    I’ve been in the middle of my shower praying to God to make people turn off their water downstairs, so I can rinse.
    Is it legal for landlords to lower the water pressure to that extreme, to save them money?
    This is the cheapest stingiest landlord you can ever imagine.
    Is there anything I can do to force her to return the water pressure the way it was before?

    Please give me some advice.

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