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June 13th, 2010 · 6 Comments · Landlord Advocacy

Landlords Unite

I often go post at the Ontario Landlord Association.  It is a website where landlords can post about the many landlord issues and get help for their landlord problems. I find it quite radical at times which is why I don’t have the site in my blogroll.

The other day while doing my post about the 10 Tips to Get the Worst Tenants I discovered that Gotta Rent had a banner advertising for tenants on the Ontario Tenants Rights Website.

Tenant activists can be some of the worst tenants you have ever seen as I posted over at Million Dollar Journey. They are annoying, they will withhold rent with the slimmest of excuses, they will drive you crazy, they are abusive and like to call people slumlord etc.

The idea that a company that is selling advertising to landlords would put a banner ad up on a tenant activist website is appalling. They either have no understanding whatsoever of the landlord business or they don’t care.  In a very real world way landlords are now supporting the Ontario Tenant’s Rights association with their advertising dollars and being funneled some of the worst tenants available.

I also suggested that Landlords either not buy advertising from Gotta Rent or email them at their contact form.

With in a few hours my post was removed because people had complained.

As landlords we have a lot of buying power. If we work together to advocate effectively for ourselves we can make changes that will cause changes in our operating environment. Private companies who like to cash our checks will listen to our complaints. We can vote en masse with our feet (and our money) when we discover that our suppliers are doing things that are not in our best interests.

I was over at The Consumerist this morning. I was randomly checking landlord news and discovered this wonderful post on Launching An Executive Email Carpet Bomb

I hate to say it but other companies that landlords consume many services of are the credit companies. I am not impressed with them whatsoever. Landlords order millions of credit checks per year yet Transunion won’t even report Landlord & Tenant judgments. I don’t care if my prospective tenants pay their Rogers bills or Cell phone bills. I do care if they pay their damn rent and cause damages. Here is the copy of the email Transunion sent me last September.

Good afternoon, TransUnion has made an internal policy decision to not
report Tribunal judgments to the database.


Team Leader Data Acquisitions, TransUnion Canada

—–Original Message—–
From: Rachelle Berube []
Sent: Wednesday, September 16, 2009 5:16 PM
To: Customer Service
Subject: Reporting form

Dear Transunion,

I have an account with you. I would like to report Tribunal Judgements.
Could you send me the form and the fax # to send it to?


Maybe if we work together we can make their “internal policy makers” change their minds. Working independently we have almost no power at all. I did complain about their policy when I heard about it but got absolutely nowhere.

OCAP has protests at the Landlord & Tenant Board why don’t landlords? After all that place is the scene of an awful lot of what’s wrong with being a landlord. When they removed default judgments on tenants they told us all that they would hire many more adjudicators to handle the extra case load. They didn’t and now landlords lose even more money waiting for their hearing.

Anyone wanting to work with me or having ideas on how to make some real changes to our working environment just use the contact form to email me.


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  • Jean

    We need to set an example to all troublemakers and bankrupt this bastard. He deserves to be on welfare or better living on the streets.

    We ALL have to call all his advertisers and say whatever we need to convince them to pull their advertising.

    Here is the list of his advertisers
    Viewit 416.461.6289
    Apartment Corner
    Alterna Bank 1.877.560.0100
    A-1 Accounting 647-686-2220
    Contact Therapy Toronto Toll-free:888-972-7348
    She Said Boom (416) 944-3224

    He uses for those who want to buy advertsing. We need to sign that account up for as many email subscriptions as possible so he can’t get any more advertising.

    Tenant activist? Damned mental patient is more like it. Let’s teach this asshole whose boss! If anybody can find his address that will help to screw this bastard.

    • Rachelle

      Unlike you Jean I’m not so concerned with this guy. I don’t even know who he is really. I am more concerned about our suppliers who are posting ads on this site. Why are they doing it? Why is Transunion not putting Landlord & Tenant Board Judgments to people’s credit reports so that we can see them and be protected?

      Last night I was permanently banned from the Ontario Landlord site. I asked why. I was not rude, I did not attack anyone. As far as I’m concerned I was banned for not having the same view point as other posters. Posters who did attack me personally and professionally.

      As far as I’m concerned we don’t need to put this guy out of business, we need to learn from his very effective methods to put our issues and concerns in front of people who have the power to change things and make them a little better for landlords.

      I am pro business, I am relatively moderate. I advocate for landlords improving their business and learning the laws. I’ve seen too many high vacancy buildings in this city to really believe all landlords are blameless. Happy tenants make for profitable well run buildings without vacancy problems. THIS IS GOOD FOR LANDLORDS Tenant activists are also a source of constant trouble. Radical people of all kinds make me uncomfortable as a whole.

  • They Called Me Roper

    They really banned you, huh?
    I had my own run-in with them last year:

    Some of my posts never appeared and others were edited to such an extent they no longer made sense. My Name/Their Words. It was both embarrassing & infuriating!

    Next, my location and IP were posted. Call it a victory for the bullies! I just gave up: Ya can’t make sense outta senseless. Small minds will always remain small.

    Meanwhile, they criticize Toronto Tenants for using a forum format they themselves also used. They love to point out that moderation is needed there too. But somehow can’t see they’re doing the exact same and even worse?!

    Of course, they’re all about the rules over at OLA: No attacks, No personal insults. Those rules just don’t apply to them. Pity the landlord that dares to disagree. Any difference of opinion marks you “troll.” First comes bullying, then comes ban.

    They scream ‘radical’ at tenants but are equally so. Politicians are hated for twisting facts, yet they’ve done the exact same on their front page. I also saw not paying for membership used in the attacks against you. Those credit checks they’re so eager to pimp come with their own referral link too.

    So unless you’re willing to PAY and agree with everything they said, I would STRONGLY recommend all good landlords and tenants steering as clear of Ontario Landlord Association as possible. You’re not the first and won’t be the last. But hopefully your new blog spares some good folk their trauma.

    Spread the word: OLA SUCKS!!!

    Ps/Apologies for the anon addy. Consider me still scarred.

    • Rachelle

      The reason I didn’t pay to be a member really is because of all the politics in the post that I saw. I also saw somethings that just did not make sense to me. I have been to the Landlord & Tenant Board lots and lots of times. Before they came out with the RTA that would have required me to get licensed as a paralegal to continue I even did some work for Howard Levenson a paralegal with 30 years in the biz. I have never seen Tenant Duty Council coach a tenant to make fake maintenance claims.

      Tenants don’t need to be told to do this. Just like when you lend your friend $500 bucks he can’t pay back, all of a sudden he picks a stupid fight with you and never talks to you again because you’re the jerk. Everyone knows this. It’s not Duty Council’s fault it’s psychology.

      Landlords don’t need to make stuff up, they are getting a raw deal and they need to get the issues in front of the people who can make changes. If we spend our time alienating the politicians that are currently in power how can we expect them to help us out.

      At the same time as I was busy being banned at the Landlord Forum, someone posted on the tenants forum that I was managing one of their properties and I was handing out illegal 20% rent increases. I replied in a non hostile manner and the comment was posted. Then another person chimed in and said it was true. I notified the guy who runs the board and it was removed.

      I was just trying to ask for help to reverse some of the inequities that landlords have to deal with in their business environment. Clearly I poked a wasp’s nest. It’s a good thing I didn’t pay their $50 or I would be out of their board and out $50. It’s all for the best this way I can focus on giving good advice here.

  • Canuck Landlord

    A friend of mine is a member of a landlords’ group in Saint John, NB. He says they meet once a week to discuss issues, but they also have guest speakers come in to talk about the business. They even arrange discounts with suppliers (like heating oil, etc.).

    The biggest benefit I saw was that they can discuss problem tenants. I know that problem tenants get together to figure out all sorts of ways to take advantage of landlords, so I don’t see why landlords can’t help each other avoid being taken by the nasty tenants. The good tenants will always get good references and the bad ones can go live in another county as far as I’m concerned.

    I hope something similiar gets set up where I live.