Landlord Imitator Scams

October 31st, 2017 · Tell Me What You Really Think Here · Kids & Family

Tenants these days are often super cautious about committing to an apartment. Landlords also have to be super cautious about committing to tenants. Both parties are often victims of scammers.

Landlord Scammers


We gave in a rental application with a certified cheque and documentation. The home owner cashed the cheque, rented the house to someone else and is now now giving us the run around. He does not answer the phone and when we text him he texts back, “can i call you later?” and he never gets back to us. What do we do?

Call the Police right away was my advice.

Another scam that was revealed today involves a fake landlord taking multiple deposits. This particular guy stole a lot of money from international students. A lot of them give multiple months of rent to landlords because they have no credit or job. I hope he goes to jail.

Dealing with Suspicious Tenants

The very first important step is not to take a tenant’s suspicions personally. They have every reason to be worried they might be scammed and in most cases they have just met us. It’s only normal that they would be reluctant to part with their hard earned money without some type of assurance we are who we are. Personally I’ve had people ask for my driver’s license and I’ve given it over.

I must admit it’s a bit off-putting to be treated like you would steal money from a tenant, but considering the pretty constant stream of scams I’ve been hearing about regarding rental transactions, I can provide some assurances to a tenant doing their own due diligence and trying not to get ripped off.

Happy Renting



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